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AWS Cloud Computing

Prepare for an introductory-level job in Cloud Computing. In this program, you’ll learn the essentials of AWS, from understanding cloud architecture to building optimized infrastructures and diving into data analytics. This certificate is your step-by-step guide to the cloud.

Join and upgrade your skills.
3 courses
9 credit hours

Project Management

Learn the job-ready skills used by project managers to understand a project life cycle, determine time and sequencing, create a needs assessment and cost estimation, and plan project resource management.

4 courses
12 credit hours

Applied Business Data Analytics

Learn the skills business analysts employ when they work with data to help stakeholders make decisions, streamline business processes, and more.

6 courses
18 credit hours

Google Information Technology Support

Prepare for an introductory-level job in the high-growth field of Information Technology (IT). In this program, you’ll learn the foundations of networking and operating systems, providing end-to end customer support, and how to solve problems using code.

5 courses
12 credit hours