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Forest Trail Academy is a fully accredited, online elementary school for grade levels Kindergarten – 5th.

We offer interactive, wider range of coursework to the elementary online school students who can complete the elementary education online while working at their own pace.

Often referred to as the critical foundation of every child’s education, elementary school is what forms the platform for every child’s first steps into the world of formal education. The criticality of impressing upon young minds the importance of learning and its bearing on cognitive development cannot be overstated. Elementary school is the first contact every child has with the world of education and is often responsible for the long-term impact on a child’s learning abilities.

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Forest Trail Academy Prepares Young Students For Success In Elementary School.

Forest Trail Academy’s self-paced and engaging online elementary school program help students meet their full potential and prepare for middle school.


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Forest Trail Academy is fully accredited k-12 online school in the United States.

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Understanding Online Elementary Schools Education

Online elementary schools are very similar to traditional schooling environments in terms of curriculum and coursework. Students are still required to complete their elementary coursework and submit assignments for which they are graded. The only exception being they have the option of completing their elementary coursework in an online environment. Most environments employed by online schools provide students with the flexibility to proceed as per their own pace while catering to their specific individual needs. This in turn, fosters a sense of independence in students at an early age and also prepares them for the process of independent learning in the long run.
Forest Trail Academy is a private, online virtual elementary school that offers a complete selection of core academic and elementary courses required from Kindergarten – 5th grade. Our elementary school curriculum enhances the learning ability of the students so that they are well prepared for the rigor of middle and high school academic success. Easy interactive elementary classes which are equipped for an online learning environment from Forest Trail Academy are fully accredited, our K 12 accreditation and membership status information is available here “accreditation and membership for K-12 online school education” The accredited status means that our transcripts are recognized by colleges and universities worldwide, which helps your child to get into college or transfer credits easily.

Online Elementary School Education and its Learning Pattern

Online learning platforms are characterized by the type of delivery mechanism employed for imparting education. While certain schools offer a completely online mode of learning, there are others that are slowly leaning toward the employment of hybrid methodologies – the blending of traditional methods of education with modern online platforms. Cutting-edge technology has resulted in education becoming more customized and tailor-made to the needs of individual students as opposed to the stipulation of a standard pace of learning for the entire class. Students and teachers have often struggled in terms of coping with coursework in a classroom environment filled with students with varying learning needs. In traditional schools, those facing difficulty with certain concepts were often forced to be left behind given the larger interest of the entire class at stake, while those with stronger learning capabilities ended up being bored in the process of waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.

There are several aspects to the way such schools function. There are many online learning programs that offer instant scoring of assignments, resulting in timely guidance toward subject areas that require more work, as opposed to just handing in the assignment at a later date. There are other programs that allow students in online schools to work on the same assignment multiple times until a desired level of improvement is achieved, which is accompanied by a real-time progress report to help parents assess the status of their child’s education.

E-learning programs are usually completely online with the exception of a few courses that require students to access physical books and materials that are supplied separately. These are commonly used as part of hybrid courses where old-school methods are combined with new-age technology, thereby helping students learn better and a lot faster.

Should you enroll for online elementary homeschooling?

There are several online elementary schools available in the United States and while most online school programs allow students to study their curriculum at their own individual pace, not all assess students for individual learning capabilities specific to their needs. Most parents are advised to evaluate different options to assess and finalize on which ones are best suited for their child’s specific needs. More than just fitting the child’s grade level, parents need to ensure they enroll their child for online K 5 elementary classes that cater to their child’s specific learning needs.

For parents seeking to be more involved in their child’s education, Forest Trail Academy’s online home schooling program provides them with the ideal alternative. Students are provided with the option of scheduling classes according to their own individual needs and are free to spend more time on subject areas they find difficult while making up for it with areas they are good at.

There are several benefits of adopting online high school homechool education as an alternative mode of learning and school education. One of the key advantages lies in the fact that online home school classes provide students with more free time to pursue other interests, especially ones that play to their strengths such as gifted athletes or musicians. Pursuing e-learning elementary school education also allows children to spend more time with their families. Considering the huge burden of homework and assignments children have to manage today, there’s very little room left for family time. In addition to helping students work at their own pace, studying online cultivates a sense of independence in children starting out at a young age, which is something that will certainly benefit them over the long haul. With technology becoming an integral part of education, allowing children to learn online and assimilate information the way Forest Trail Academy do today is a great way to prepare them for what lies ahead.

How Parents fit in K-5 Elementary School with Forest Trail Academy?

Parents are responsible for the future of their children and decisions pertaining to their child’s education form an integral part of that process. While online home schooling has been gaining popularity during recent years, the distinct differentiation between online elementary schools and those meant for higher grades is the presence of parents. Since online homeschool learning is internet-based, students at that age require a lot more handholding than their older counterparts. This is a vital aspect that parents need to consider when enrolling their children for such online courses. Those with jobs that require them to travel a lot or take up most of their day may not find online classes to be much of a help.

Younger students require constant supervision and being able to study online at home is one way to get parents more involved in their child’s education. The greatest thing about having children study in an online environment is that parents get to be a lot more involved in their child’s education process than they traditionally did. More than just being able to schedule classes conveniently, parents now find it a lot easier to monitor their child’s progress online and interacting with teachers too, is a lot more feasible considering the numerous options available for online communication. The time and money saved on commuting is the icing on the cake.

For any further information or queries for online middle school registration you can contact our Academic Advisor, who will help you in resolving your queries. We are also available on call at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501.