Online School Demo

This is a demo of our school. It will give you good overview of how the system works. Please click the link below to begin. Some features are disabled such as community & chat. Enrolled students have full access to these sensitive areas.

Username :  demo

Password : demo

If this link does not work, please copy and paste the following url in a separate browser: https://account.ilearn-ed.com/login

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Login Section

Use “demo” as the username and “demo” as the password to login to the secured area where you can check the exact interface that is used by our enrolled students. Being a demo account, certain areas will not be available.

Dashboard Panel Section

The level provides a full year of curriculum for a child that is just beginning school. When combined with a reading program, this level fully covers the Common Core standards for kindergarten in math and language arts

Messaging App Section

Everything you need for a year of homeschooling instruction in language arts, writing, math, science, social studies, handwriting, and character education.

Course Preview Section