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Forest Trail Academy: International Accreditation and Memberships

At Forest Trail Academy, we take pride in being a leading educational institution that offers a wide range of accredited programs and maintains memberships with esteemed organizations. Our commitment to providing high-quality education has earned us recognition and trust from students, parents, and educational communities worldwide.

Comprehensive Accreditations Accreditation is a vital aspect when choosing an educational institution. Forest Trail Academy holds prestigious accreditations that validate the quality and standards of our programs. We have successfully met the rigorous criteria set by the following accrediting bodies:

Inner Changes for Girls and Boys Council , Inc. is a non-profit organization that partners with public and private schools, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Human Services,National Parks Services, and the Dept. of Education to provide quality after school programs for children ages 5-19.

Angloville belongs to a group of entities that are leaders in the language education market in Poland and Central Europe. We are changing the way the world learns foreign languages, making it unconventional and successful. Over 25,000 people study with us every year (offline and online). We provide our services on 8 European markets. We also opened the first office in Asia. Angloville's clients include: Fortune 500 companies, including headliners, and thousands of wonderful individuals. At Angloville we do not consider ourselves a traditional language school. We were the first in Poland to create "English Village" travel programs with native speakers because we believe that a simulation of a stay in an English-speaking environment can help overcome barriers in English better than traditional lessons in a language class or typical classes with a native speaker. After implementing our programs to the Polish market we decided to expand and give the opportunity to learn using the immersion method to the students in Central Europe. We know that in 6-7 days of full "language immersion" we can make our participants expand their comfort zone in the context of linguistic communication and break the barrier in speaking English. Besides, we decided to enrich our services with new products such as Year Abroad - a one year student exchange program that gives students the opportunity of studying in the States for the whole school year and getting to know different cultures and environments. We also provide International programs in countries such as Italy, Malta, UK, USA. The other product worth mentioning is Euro Trip where within 7 days our participants have an opportunity of visiting different capital cities of European countries, everything happening with the company of wonderful Native Speakers. But that’s not all! After finishing the adventure on our programs, participants have a chance to extend their experience with Angloville Meets which is an online platform where students can take part in online speaking sessions with Native Speakers they met on the programs! Recently we’ve decided to join forces with Forest Trail Academy, which is the American Online School giving our participants the opportunity of graduating from American high school without even leaving their home! We’re constantly growing and trying to implement new products in order to meet our clients’ needs and show them that learning English can actually be fun!

Wisdom Hive provides a stimulating and engaging learning path that recognizes student capabilities, foster their connectedness to their immediate and broader viewpoint, and offer them ways to contribute to homeschool life. We are fully accredited and licensed by the Dubai KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), UAE and Department Of Education, Philippines for Grades Kindergarten to Grade 6.


Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, FIPA is committed to provide equal opportunities and excellence to all students. Our academic teachers are extremely qualified and skilled in their individual fields. The aim of FIPA Schools is to serve our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) working in the Middle East and other GCC countries We are offering services to grant K-12 credentials, diploma and short term courses certification, Post Secondary and Post Graduate studies to OFWs. The aim of FIPA Schools is to serve our OFW working in the Middle East and other GCC countries. We are offering services to grant K-12 credentials, diploma and short-term courses certification, and secondary and postgraduate studies to our OFW. A statement of fact: Acquiring education outside of the Philippines is quite pricey as to be compared to the educational expenses of learners in the Philippines. FIPA aims to help our Overseas Filipino Workers by bridging these gaps in education through partnerships with legally authorized educational institutions in the Philippines.

AMI School

AMI School for Italy: a unique path for the English language with a TRIPLE DIPLOMA™ (Primary, Middle and High School ITALIAN and AMERICAN) Thanks to the recognition of Italian school activities by FTA, students can obtain the equivalent American titles, adding 1 subject per year to primary school, to first grade secondary school and 6 subjects to second grade secondary school in 2, 3 or 4 years. In practice, a “TRIPLE DIPLOMA”™: "This path, recognized by European regulations, allows you to be recognized as a native English speaker if you complete your university studies in any language. You will no longer need any certifications!" A certificate expires, but a diploma is forever!. The main universities in the world require a certificate of English proficiency NOT more than 2 years old for admission of students with foreign titles. With an American diploma as a true native speaker, you will no longer need to certify your language level in America. Therefore, invest your time and energy in the “TRIPLO DIPLOMA”™ course at AMI School for Italy from home and acquire English for your future!


While online/virtual learning is nothing new, Premier Educational Solutions is an alternative option to traditional school where we monitor and supervise high school students enrolled in an online program by experienced and licensed teachers. Premier Educational Solutions is for the student who is an out of the box thinker, flexible, willing to learn, and motivated. Besides online monitoring, we offer a myriad of other educational services that will give you or your child the tools needed to make it in a fast-paced, competitive world.

The American Daycare was founded in 2011 by Claudia Yoka, in response to the lack of English-language schools in Brazzaville at the time. TAD was the first school in Brazzaville to offer an all-English program with an American curriculum.

Shkola School was launched in 2019 with the main mission of helping children reach their potential and have a successful future in any country in the world. We develop global thinking and help children become Citizens of the World. In Shkola students are eligible to participate in Russian, American or Canadian educational program or try the Dual Diploma program. We have online classes with “live” native teachers and follow effective teaching methods that eliminate rote learning, poor marks and stressful situations during the lessons. The main goal is to teach the child to learn and develop their talents and abilities to the maximum.


Institut Biblique la Dernière Gloire My School is professional training in Théology, English, communication

EDUCATE ONLINE WAS FOUNDED IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2018 WITH THE MISSION OF PROVIDING HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATION TO EVERY CHILD ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Since 2018, Educate Online has placed more than 4000+ children, between the ages of 4-19, in online and in-person programs. In 2019, Educate Online developed The Hub, a platform for engaging students of all ages in online K-12 study, ESOL, career exploration, university preparation, and internship & mentorship programs. We are more than academics. Online learning with Educate Online teaches students the soft skills essential for a successful future career. Our team of Student Experience Managers support student growth personally and academically throughout their studies. Educate Online also offers exclusive services, including: internship placement, university counseling, in-person experiences, robust extracurriculars and internship placement with top companies like Red Bull and Softline.


iSchool International (Biznessmoby Co., Ltd.) We provide equality education. https://www.onlineschool.international

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National Leadership Association® is the first organically growing organization embracing the non-for-profit concept based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It provides leadership membership and training approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Our goal is enriching minds with knowledge and skills that makes our trainees job ready. https://www.nationalleadershipassociation.org/k-12-school

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City Center English Private School (CCEPS) has a long history of providing high-quality English language instruction. The school was founded in 2022 and has since helped many students from different countries improve their English skills. CCEPS's teachers are all with a wealth of experience teaching English as a foreign language. They are passionate about helping students learn and are committed to providing individualized attention. CCEPS's classes are small and interactive, which allows students to get plenty of practice speaking and listening to English. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as conversation clubs and cultural events, which give students the opportunity to practice their English outside of the classroom.