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Looking for a good Online High School for your child with an accredited curriculum and finding it challenging to choose the right school from multiple high schooling options?

Good schools are those which reliable educational agencies accredit. There are many good virtual schools available in the USA, but fully accredited schools are few. To get quality high school education, consider Forest Trail Academy, and we have various reasons to prove it. With recognized and award-winning accredited high school programs and curriculum, parents and students choose us. Our core and elective programs, credit recovery courses and personalized attention from teachers to improve a child’s learning habits also make us the preferred choice of parents. Please find below a detailed overview of these points.

Forest Trail Academy is a regionally, nationally and internationally accredited online high school in the United States of America. We offer a wide range of high school courses to students enrolled with us from Grade 9 till Grade 12. Our accredited high schooling program also includes core and elective courses for high students who want to earn additional credits.

All our high school courses and programs are interactive, student-friendly, success-driven and self-paced. These courses for Grade 9 to Grade 12 can be tailored to individual students’ needs. Our online school employs highly qualified and trained instructors, teachers, and counselors to engage students in personalized learning. Online registration for high schooling is open for the entire year, and students can enroll at any time from anywhere worldwide. To enroll your child get a free consultation from our educational counselor. You can also please initiate a discussion with our admission advisor, who will guide you to choose selective high school program as per your plans for career goals.

Forest Trail Academy’s online high schooling programs adhere to the Common Core State Standards. Our virtual high school for Grade 9 to Grade 12 allows high school students and homeschoolers an opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma right from the comfort of their home.

With a flexible and thriving online learning environment, Forest Trail Academy takes steps to enhance the child’s learning capacity and grasping skills. Often regarded as one of the best schools in America, we impart quality online education that is fully accredited regionally, nationally, internationally, and recognized worldwide.

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Forest Trail Academy Prepares Young Students For Success In High School.

Forest Trail Academy’s self-paced and engaging online high school program help students meet their full potential and prepare for college.


Considering a online high school for your child? See why Forest Trail Academy is the right choice for your child.

Higher Flexibility

Online courses are guided through a structured and a flexible procedure according to the needs

More Individual Attention

Your opportunity to learn is enhanced. Personalized attention is provided to elementary students.


Forest Trail Academy is fully accredited k-12 online school in the United States.

Reduced Costs

Online courses are cost-effective, affordable and viable alternative to attending traditional schools.

Certified Teachers

Highly trained, certified teachers are available to support your online learning program.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Wide range of courses are available for online elementary school students.

Why Parents And Students Prefer Forest Trail Academy?

Thanks to our well-designed and structured high school curriculum, parents and students opt for Forest Trail Academy for a multitude of reasons:

  • Students join us for high school courses that are not available at their traditional school.
  • Students who take challenging online school courses like Advanced Placement® Courses.
  • Students prefer us those who have issues related to their school and student safety.
  • Students who avail flexibility to study at any time, enabling students to pursue their skills and interests.
  • Students who prefer self-paced online learning since it leads to effective learning and education.
  • Students who want to make up for lost credits.

Our high school students passed ACT exams with higher scores than the state mean. Our high school graduates are successfully admitted to popular colleges, trade schools, performing arts schools, the workforce, and also in military. Thus, we make it easier for our high school students to achieve their dreams.

Who can enroll with Forest Trail Academy high school?

Forest Trail Academy offers a wide range of diverse high school courses that are easy to customize. Thanks to these tailored courses, homeschooling students or students with certain health issues, such as children with a disability, special needs children, or social phobia of any form, academically advanced students, athletes, children from military families, artists etc., are able to learn conveniently and effectively.

The vast array of specially crafted online courses is inclusive of Advanced Placement Programs. These are mostly meant for enabling high school students to get conditioned to the workforce environment or the college-level workload. The school also provides various credit recovery courses to assist students in making up for their lost or missed credits.

As Forest Trail Academy is a fully accredited high school, students from all over the nation can be enrolled into the high schooling program.

How does online high school work?

Forest Trail Academy an accredited virtual high school starts with the process of application and enrollment. This is a basic procedure for college. However, distance learning schools do not have strict acceptance requirements. In the application process, you can collect your information and ensure that your records are in the right sequence.

While selecting virtual classes, you are likely to enjoy a good deal of freedom that is much unlike that of any traditional school. In an virtual schooling, the selection of classes is pretty varied. This is because there are no strict budget constraints and teachers are easily available from all over the nation.

The high school classes can be taken right from your computer. Usually, these involve videos, text, pictures and many other engaging formats. The major difference in an online schooling and its traditional counterpart is that there is no physical class and no fixed time to attend. Virtual high school classes are accessible all the time. So, your study time is your own choice!

However, you do have some deadlines to meet as well. You might have certain timeline in which you would have to take the online classes. Most of the tests are also conducted online.

How to finish high school online with Forest Trail Academy?

To complete your high school online, you are required to be highly disciplined and self-motivated. Even though Forest Trail Academy has qualified teachers available 24/7 to help you with your questions and queries, still most of the time, you need to study on your own. In other words, you need to learn independently. Forest Trail Academy is a private accredited online school for high school that offers several non-traditional study options for a variety of students. The school’s mission is to impart an innovative and personalized form of learning to empower young minds of today for a better tomorrow. The learning environment is created in a way that it is highly nurturing and thriving to ensure student success.

High School Graduation Requirements

Forest Trail Academy issues the two types of high school diplomas:
● College Prep Online Diploma Program (24 Credits)
● General Ed Online Diploma Program (21 Credits)

What are the various courses offered for high school online students?

● Core and Elective Courses
Our list of core high school courses are required for high school students to complete for earning a high school diploma. The core subjects are Math, English, Social Studies and Science. Additionally, we provide plenty of electives in subjects like foreign languages, journalism, digital technology, art history etc.

● NCAA-Approved Courses
Most of the core high school courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

● Advanced Placement® (AP®)* Courses
Our AP courses benefit college-driven students who wish to further their knowledge in a subject area.

● Dual Enrollment Courses
In some areas, high school students may be given the liberty to take college courses while still in our high school. Thus, they are able to earn high school diploma and college credit all the same.

Support and Guidance by Our Certified Teachers

The students of Forest Trail Academy are enabled to work in various collaborative projects with their counselors as well as teachers to create a personalized learning plan. This is vital for student’s overall progress which helps them to complete their high schooling easily.

Benefits of Online Learning For High School Education

Here are the basic benefits that your child can avail once he enrolls for high schooling in an online learning environment:

No commuting
Online learning eliminates the pain of commuting from home to school and back to home. In the high-school phase, time runs faster! Thus, time is saved and the obstacles caused by terrific weather conditions or long distances are cut short in the concept of online education.

Follow your own schedule
Following the rigid school schedule implies that you might need to make sacrifices such as giving up on rare family outings or other such events. Creating your own schedule can help you to efficiently balance your coursework as well as family events.

Free to enroll at any time
One of the best advantages of enrolling in a high school is the fact that you are free to enroll at any time of the year. So, you need not rush to make a decision but can take your time.

Enjoy self-pace
Going as per the pre-established pace of a formal school, most students fail to achieve their full potential. An online learning for high school education empowers the child with the freedom to follow his own learning to pace as per his grasping ability to ensure better performances and a wholesome learning experience.

Good quality of education
An accredited virtual high school provides the same level of education as imparted by any top-notch formal school or university. An accredited online school follows the set of standards and competencies that are the same for the conventional school environment.

Adopt flexibility
Flexibility provided by the online school is highly demanded by students who are juggling part-time jobs with their coursework. Online school learning gives them the convenience of studying from any place, any time and for any duration of time.

Pursuing exclusive courses
If your child has a knack for an unusual subject or a set of subjects, an online learning school might be the only option as it provides an extensive range of coursework. It is because certain new emerging courses are not provided by the traditional high school.

Applications and Tuition For High School

One of the best advantages of enrolling in an online school is the fact that you are free to enroll at any time of the year. So, you need not rush to make a decision but can take your time. To know about the availability of high school online classes or to gain info about the enrollment process, you can give us your contact details here at Apply Online. High school tuition is $3,200 or $255.00/month per school year.

If you want details regarding online schooling, you can reach out to our Admissions Advisor via online chat conversation. If you have any queries, you can contact us in the same way for resolution.

You can also call us at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501