Enrollment Guide

We open our doors to welcome you back to Forest Trail Academy. Our experienced faculty and staff are committed to providing a safe and inspiring space for every student to explore, learn, and grow as you begin another chapter with our school.

We aim to make joining Forest Trail Academy a seamless and stress-free experience through our enrollment steps.

How to Apply

It’s easy to apply to Forest Trail Academy!
We provide multiple options to complete and sign the Enrollment Application

Please provide birth certificate, photo of the student along with a parent government issued photo ID, To view the above links you need Adobe Reader.

Upon completion of the enrollment application, please fax to 866.230.0259 or 561.420.0909 or registrar@foresttrailacademy.com

To view & download related documents & forms,
please click the link below:

Enrollment Process

Fill up the Enrollment Form

Choose an enrollment option.

Complete Payment

Once we received your enrollment application, we will process the enrollment and the tuition payment

Please take note of our tuition payment policies that’s indicated on the authorization form and the parent/

student handbook.

Available Payment Option: Bank/Wire Transfer, Paypal, and Credit Cards

Submit Required Documents

After filling out the enrollment application, you need to submit the rest of the required documents:

You will receive a confirmation email of your enrollment with the username and password to the student and parent portal. You may proceed to login and start with class orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Forest Trail Academy offers open enrollment. You may enroll at anytime. Our courses start the day you register. Classes are added once documents, especially transcripts, have been submitted.

Yes. We have students and partners from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the globe that uses and learn from our online curriculum.

Yes. Our diploma is regionally, nationally and internationally accredited, and is accepted to thousands of colleges and universities around the world. You may check out here a list of some schools where our students have been accepted.

Our tuition depends on the program that you will enroll in. The tuition for our full-time K-12 programs ranges from $1,900 – $3,200 per grade level. In paying school fees, we have monthly payment plans. You may check out our rates here.

Our classes are not live. We offer asynchronous and self-paced courses. An asynchronous course is a course without a set start date, where students start at different times and work at their own pace. Teacher holds live office hours twice a week for each class.You can check out our school demo here.

Yes. Our instructional modality is self paced, asynchronous, and flexible. Students with learning disabilities can thrive in this type of learning setup. You must submit an IEP for review before enrolling.

We offer students the flexibility to complete each grade level within 6-12 months. Every student’s learning journey is unique, and our flexible approach allows them to progress at a pace that suits their individual needs. Motivated students are able to accomplish two grade levels in a single year, depending on their dedication and academic prowess.

We offer comprehensive and flexible book programs for K-8, catering to Secular and Christian curricula. Parents become the primary educators of their students, granting them the responsibility for providing quarterly progress reports to keep us informed about their student’s attendance and grades.

At the culmination of each grade level, parents are required to return the educational materials to Forest Trail Academy for thorough review. This review process enables us to create official transcripts, recognizing the student’s accomplishments and academic progress