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Every year, we come across more and more parents enrolling their children with online schools across the United States. An increasing number of students are now gradually giving up traditional learning environments for virtual, online learning programs. While the increasing interest in online platforms should grab your attention, what matters more is that parents are even more eager to do away with conventional learning avenues. Why are parents so eager to do this? After all, didn’t they grow up learning in traditional schools? While there are several reasons why parents are opting to go down this new path, we’ve listed some of the more common reasons why parents are willing to let go of old school ideas.


Today, wherever you look you will find that technology is a part of practically almost everything we do. It has become intertwined with our modern lifestyles. No matter how you look at it, there is absolutely no denying that technology is now becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives. We enjoy the conveniences offered by technology so much that we have literally come to depend on it. With a fast-changing world, using old school methods to impart education to our children can no longer be the answer. Our children need to be taught in a manner that will help them adapt to changing circumstances, not leave them behind. If we continue to use only conventional teaching methods (without employing online schools in any way), that may soon become a reality for our children. The major issue with depending solely on conventional teaching methods is that they may soon become obsolete.

Our children need to develop new skills that will make them more employable in the corporate world, and that is something online K-12 courses can help achieve. By studying and learning in an independent, online environment, students are taught how to develop learning skills as opposed to just lecturing in a classroom. With constantly changing surroundings and an ever-increasing flow of information, we cannot possibly think of teaching our children everything they need to know. They will have to learn how to think for themselves as well as develop the necessary skills to learn and adapt on their own. Traditional classrooms fall short in terms of achieving this since students are taught to be more dependent on their teachers. With online learning though, they are taught to be more independent and look for answers on their own to the questions they have (students do have recourse to their teachers online when required).


When you consider the manner in which traditional schools function, there was a time when primary school students were given little to no homework. However, with time, that has changed drastically. Students today, return home with a mountain of homework comprising a number of worksheets, drills and assignments that need to be completed within strict deadlines. This leaves little room for them to pursue other interests and in the bargain prevents them from developing other talents they have. It also increases the levels of stress they are exposed to at a very young age. The lack of sufficient playtime and extracurricular activities can have an adverse impact on their long-term development. Online K-12 courses offer solutions that can help overcome all these challenges.

Being able to study at your own convenience according to your own schedule allows parents and children to schedule classes accordingly, thereby making room for playtime and other extracurricular activities. Also, students are known to complete their assignments a lot faster when they are free from distractions caused by their peers. Additionally, since students are in an environment that is conducive to learning, they tend to focus more on their subject matter and retain a lot more as well. Studies have shown a marked increase in performance by students studying in online schools versus those in traditional schools.


Parents are constantly fretting over not being able to spend quality time with their children. With the amount of time that goes into schooling, after-school tutoring and tons of homework, it isn’t all that surprising that children today, have little time left over to spend with their families. With online learning however, students have the freedom to schedule classes according to their own timetable, which makes it possible and even easier to make time for family. Parents too, can schedule classes around their work timings, which allows them to spend quality time with their children and be a part of their learning process as well. This way, students can complete their studies and assignments on time as well as spend more time with their family.


Being able to study at your own pace certainly has its advantages. Since traditional schooling environments require the teacher to set a pace of learning for the entire class, students are forced to keep up or get left behind. Such students are then often branded as lazy or uninterested when the truth of the matter could be an entirely different story. Not all students are alike, which means they do not possess the same capabilities. Online schools seem to understand this aspect very well, which is why the course material for online high school is designed according to each student’s individual needs. Students are allowed to vary the pace of learning according to their comfort level, which fosters a sense of independence while allowing them to spend sufficient time learning the subject.


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