Why should we embrace Online Homeschooling?

ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORMS ARE EFFECTIVE OVER TRADITIONAL METHODOLOGIES Should we really ’embrace’ online homeschooling? That’s a really good question.For those...

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Why should we embrace Online Homeschooling? 1


Should we really ’embrace’ online homeschooling? That’s a really good question.For those of us who’ve grown up in the 80s and 90s, this may seem like a question worth pondering. After all, why would anyone need an online learning system when our traditional schools are perfectly okay? Why do people suddenly feel the need for schools completely based on the Internet? Aren’t our traditional schools still getting the job done? These are all valid questions coming from someone who has grown up in the previous generation.But ask someone from the newer generations and they offer you a whole different perspective. Things have changed. Maybe it’s time we changed too. Online High School isn’t really that different from a traditional school. They are based on the same standards of education and curriculum defined by the Federal and State Governments. The core difference lies in the way that education is imparted. There are several ways in which online learning platforms score over traditional methodologies in delivering the same quality of education, if not better. The results witnessed by online schools across the United States have been impressive. In some cases, academicians have admitted, they have been even better than traditional schools. What people need to realize is that though the times we live in have changed, our thinking patterns have not. There are several new ways in which children are being encouraged to learn today, and not all of them are as bad as we may perceive them to be. In fact, several teachers and administrators have been advocating the adoption of homeschooling as a very viable alternative to make education more affordable and help reach children living in remote areas.


Online homeschooling is so much more than just a school that delivers education via the internet. For starters, it makes it easier for children to go to school. Since all you need to access your course material is a computer and an internet connection, you can access your course material from practically anywhere. Children and parents too, no longer need to be worried about snow days. Irrespective of the whether outside, your child can now attend school regularly and you no longer need to be worried about them missing out on their classes. Barring a few exceptions, online schools also eliminate the need for travel. Children and parents too, no longer have to grapple with transportation issues, especially in remote places. These are just a few benefits pertaining to the conveniences offered by e-learning systems. Why wouldn’t anyone want to opt for such a convenient solution while retaining the same high quality of education?


Apart from the benefits relating to travel and the ease of access, the manner in which education is imparted via online K-12 courses itself has been a major influential factor in people opting to go in for such courses. They do away with the traditional four-walled classroom and a whiteboard, and instead replace them with modern cutting-edge technology. Students only need to log in to their online platforms and being studying, much like an email account. Most of us from previous generations have now become accustomed to a little bit of technology and while surfing online social networking sites proficiently may be a distant possibility, we all have managed to get our heads around simple tasks such as checking email. Well, it’s that simple. All our children need to do is log in to their accounts and begin browsing through their course material. This is exactly why students have the flexibility to access their material from practically anywhere.

The major advantage of employing an online learning system is that students are provided with the flexibility to decide the pace of their learning. They get to alter how fast or how slow they would like to get through the course and how much time they would like to spend on different aspects of the subject matter. This is in stark contrast to conventional learning environments where all students are required to keep up with the singular pace of study that is decided by the teacher. This tends to be counterproductive since the brighter kids move way past the others while the others may have a difficult time keeping up. This in turn contributes to the high dropout rates we’ve been experiencing, which has been a major concern in the recent past, not just for parents but for academicians too. Ensuring that our children have a good education should be a high priority for all of us, and the best way to ensure that is making it affordable.


Online homeschooling offers us a very viable alternative to help reach even the remotest locations. Not only is it economically feasible for most but it is also highly customizable. Students can now opt for any course they wish to, as long as their online school provides it. Traditionally, students have had to make do with courses that were available at their local school. Moreover, lack of the needed faculty too, contributed to the restriction of the number and kind of courses students could enroll for. But now with online high school, students have a wide range of options to choose from. Teacher availability too, is no longer a concern since teachers from across the country can enroll with any online school as student-teacher interaction is now completely web-based. Teachers can teach students from halfway around the country without having to leave the comfort of their own home or the premises of the school they’ve signed up with.

All things considered, while e-learning may be an option most of us need to take under serious consideration, it seems to be the only alternative for the current generation. With their fast-paced lives and increasing competition, leveraging technology to help them get the best possible education seems like the only way forward, at least until we find an even better solution. For now, studying online does seem to offer benefits that outweigh traditional classrooms, which is why it certainly makes sense for all of us to finally consider embracing online homeschooling.

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