Why K-12 Online Schools are so popular?

POPULARITY OF ONLINE SCHOOLS This is one question you could probably answer yourself. When online K-12 schools first entered the...

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Why K-12 Online Schools are so popular? 1


This is one question you could probably answer yourself. When online K-12 schools first entered the mainstream of education, not many knew about them and the possible solutions they had to offer. Today, there’s probably not a single student or parent who hasn’t heard about online home schools. If you’re on your Smartphone just about as much as anyone can be then you’ve probably heard about students studying online these days.

Distance education and online learning are options that have been well-received precisely and popular because of the solutions they offer. In fact, Online Schooling helped students overcome most of the drawbacks of traditional schooling methods. This is what makes them such popular alternatives among students these days. For starters, online education helps students customize their learning process, thereby offering them a lot more room to tailor-make solutions that are targeted at individual students rather than a group as a whole. With this comes the freedom that allows students to pick and choose which online courses they would like to opt for.

Furthermore, in providing students with a whole lot of options gives them an opportunity to be able to target a selection of courses that’s best suited to their future career choice. Since all courses are offered online, availability is not an issue and students are more than welcome to try out different courses based on their individual areas of interest. While matching up to expectations, online learning platforms also help teachers target their efforts at children in their own individual manner depending on what the situation calls for. This is a major advantage they lack in traditional schooling environments; an option to be able to deal with students differently according to their individual needs and learning capacities.


One of the most significant factors that have contributed to the rise of online K-12 schools in the country has been the rising cost of education in the United States. Exorbitant costs combined with sluggish employment opportunities have caused college education to move beyond the reach of the average American student. Moving onto an online platform has helped bring down the costs of delivering high quality education considerably. Students no longer need to be worried about huge education loans to combat with once they’re done with their education.

Making sure the costs remain competitive and significantly lower than those involved in traditional schooling has helped online schools deliver education to even some of the remotest areas. The use of the technology has helped reach out to students for whom an education may have been a distance dream. Moreover, being able to interact via the web in real-time or via other communication forms has definitely brought teachers and students closer, which in turn has had a profound impact on the level of productivity offered by both sides.


Parents too, are very happy with this arrangement, which is why online homeschooling seems to be quickly gaining popularity among them as well. With safety in traditional schooling environments steadily becoming a major concern, parents are more inclined to opt for a virtual learning environment for their child. In terms of quality, most academicians have asserted that the level of education offered by online schools is the same as that in traditional ones, and in some cases may be even better. When you look at things from the perspective of a parent, it all adds up, making online education an independent and holistic learning solution for children today.


Another peculiar issue that has been resolved by online K-12 schools is that of Advanced Placement courses. Most students tend to miss out on opportunities at their current school on account of various restrictions such as class size, inadequate teaching faculty etc. Distance learning and online homeschooling address this issue in an optimal manner. They allow students the flexibility and also a wider range of AP courses for college credit thereby making them a very popular choice among students from higher grades. Since location isn’t an issue, students from all across the country can have access to the same courses without any issues.

Guidance counselors believe that studying online may soon cease to be just an alternative to traditional methods of imparting education and may slowly become the norm for most students. With their increasing popularity among children of all grades, online learning platforms are now taking over mainstream education. Whether as hybrid courses or independent standalone learning programs, online courses are fast changing the way we impart education to our children. Not only is this a local phenomenon, but distance education and online home schools have started spreading throughout different countries of the world.


In a world that’s slowly being defined by globalization, our education systems may soon be coming closer together. In all probability, we may eventually have an integrated network that transcends beyond continents. While there are several reasons that contribute to the growing acceptance of online education, a word of caution to those who wish to enroll for online courses. There are some basic aspects that you need to consider regarding accreditation and course offerings as well as the type of online schooling that is supported by the school.

Online learning too, has different kinds of courses depending on the mode of communication between teachers and students. Some schools offer you courses where the communication takes place completely via the Internet, which is considered the purest form of online homeschooling. There are other courses that seek to combine face-to-face instruction along with studying online, which require students to attend class for a certain number of hours. In such cases, while the primary impetus is given to online instruction and a majority of the course is delivered via a virtual learning platform, the physical presence of the child is also required for a certain part of the course.

There is little doubt about the role distance education will play in reshaping the fundamentals of our education system. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s not hard to imagine the possibilities that lie ahead of us. Get yourself on to the popular e-learning platform, enroll into the k-12 online courses which are regionally and nationally accredited.

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