Which online high school diploma is accredited?

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Which Online High School Diploma Is Accredited?

Which online high school diploma is accredited? 1

Today, the market of institutions which provide high school diploma is overcrowded and stuffed. So much so that many students fall into the trap zone of the fake institutions which only con and bluff them. The legitimate are the ones which hold accreditation from reliable agencies. Else there are many fake online high schools or the illegitimate diploma mills that operate and grant fake degrees to the students. These degrees are invaluable and they fail in securing jobs or higher admission to the students.

Before we talk about a prestigious institution or online school that holds accreditation from respected educational authorities, first let us understand what is accreditation and to what extent it holds significance for an online high school.

Accreditation is the official process of giving status to an organization or individual of being supremely qualified in order to perform a particular duty. It`s important to note that the accredited schools offer the best and the highest level of education to it students. The online schools which operate virtually and render diplomas and certificate to students of their institutes have to be certified and approved i.e. accredited. These educational agencies test the schools on various parameters and after considerable quality tests and analysis, they grant their firm`s accreditation to the school. In a way, they give a document in support to the institute which implies that the particular agency or company backs and supports the endeavour of that institution.


Why is this accreditation so important and the reality of diploma mills?

Accreditation of the school`s diploma plays a crucial role in fetching admissions of students from all parts of the world. Almost every newcomer before he comes within the fold of that online school goes through the accreditation documents. These documents serve as a proof of authenticity and dignify the quality of level of education an institute grants.

The accredited diplomas are valued and considered by top recruiters. A student who carries an accredited diploma has higher chances of the greater pay scale as compared to those who don’t have it. Similarly, the unaccredited diplomas are offered by those institutions that have no comprehensive backing up by any authority and so does their diploma hardly matter. These “diploma mills” mostly carry fake accreditations in order to fool and con the students. They are floating in the market with treacherous tactics and they lure the students under the pretext of less fee, greater incentives, amazing advertisements etc.

Two types of accreditations

There are two types of accreditations of online high schools. They are:

Regional Accreditation-
this is the topmost or the highest level of accreditation a college has. In other words, this accreditation is of the highest worth. The regional accreditation is only bestowed to those institutions which impart high quality education to its students. These accreditations generally include the instructor led courses which have a rigorous assessment.

National accreditation-
the national accreditation is much less relevant as compared to a regional accreditation and it`s not even that well-structured as compared to the regional accreditation. Credits of the national accredited institutions are non-transferable the coursework and degrees of such institutions are not widely accepted and licensed people like teachers, engineers face difficulty after attaining a degree from these institutions.

How Are The Schools Accredited?

For accreditation, the educational agencies visit the campus of the school, test the programs and coursework, analyze the experience leveland qualification of the teachers, study the coursework of the students, verify the legitimacy of the institution and also thoroughly check the level of education which the school imparts. Accrediting a school means testing and monitoring it from every quarter and only then the accreditation degree is awarded.

Benefits of High School Diplomas:

Cushy career-
Career stability is perfectly ensured once you have in hand accredited agency and that also lays down the path for futuristic goals like better job opportunities or higher education.

Hike in salary and incentives-
a high school diploma from a genuine accredited school brings a lot of advantage on the part of students since it bestows them with a degree of premium institution which they can use to avail admission in their higher education.

the students who have a passion for learning can very much lift the benefits of free programs being offered by the prestigious online high schools. These schools have some courses which they offer for free and highly intellectual ones can easily grasp these lessons at their own paces.

Secured job-
a high school diploma also strengthens up your feet in the firm you are working and it imprints the fact that you are not interchangeable.

The Best Accredited Online School Forest Trail Academy

Based in the USA, Forest Trail Academy is perhaps one of the finest and filtered out an accredited online high school that renders education to students from all over the world from the comfort of their homes. The institute is very much in demand because of the fact that it is being accredited by major educational agencies like Cognia (formerly AdvancED), MSA CESS, Accreditation International, Alliance etc.

Having been backed up and supported by these established agencies, FTA has emerged to be a populous institution.

It imparts education ranging from the elementary level i.e. the kindergarten to high school diploma i.e. 9-12. It as it`s program being devised up according to the needs and requirements of the student. The entire course structure is customized and each student is paid an individual attention.

The best part of learning in this school is that the students are given an application on which they have their own unique user ids and passwords. All the assignments, coursework, subject details, semester results, examination notification, remarks and notices of the teachers etc. all are received via this application. The students use the application only to check their credit scores or raise any concerns with the teachers and instructors. Moreover, in order to view the app, you can also use the demo version on the website of FTA. You will be given a demo id and password using which you will be able to access certain sections of the application.

Forest Trail Academy Accreditation and Memberships

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