Which is better a high school diploma or a GED?

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Which Is Better A High School Diploma Or A GED?

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There can be no alternative for a high school diploma. Period! Although passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam gives way to a high school equivalency credential, it does not lead to the same opportunities as a high school diploma does. You should have a clear idea as to what are the major differences between a GED and a high school diploma in order to make the right decision for yourself.

The GED offers a useful alternative for adults who have already given up on high school.

Here are the basic criteria required to take the GED test:

  • The minimum qualification age for GED is 16.
  • The candidate should not be a high school diploma holder.
  • The candidate should not be enrolled in a high school.

There Are Certain Major Factors That You Need To Take Into Account While Deciding For A GED Or A High School Diploma

  • Time consumption

Attaining high school diploma consumes 4 years of your educational life. On the contrary, GED can be prepared for and completed within a few months. Thus, the time commitment is much longer in case of high school diploma. In general, most of the candidates who qualify to take the GED have already completed two to three years of high school. The GED might offer a speedy process towards completion of your high-school phase and joining the work field.It should be noted that since 4 years are taken in getting a high school diploma, it proves your credibility in an effective way. After all, nothing can beat the training skills that you have developed for four long years.

  • Bracing for GED

It is a wrong notion that GED is academically easier than attaining your high school diploma. As per the GED Testing Service the prospective candidates ought to have have decent knowledge and skill in the subjective areas of math, science, social studies and language arts, either equal or upto 40% of graduating high school seniors. There are many adult education centers that offer preparation courses solely for the GED exam. Virtual practice tests are free for availability. You might even purchase official GED study books through GED Testing Service. A couple of months is proper for the preparation for the GED test.

  • Chances of getting through colleges

Almost all of the colleges accept high school diplomas rather than GED scores. many International schools do not accept the GED in place of a high school diploma. However, certain colleges and universities accept GED scores under certain conditions that include some additional requirements. The candidate might be required to attend extra classes outside of the college to prove his true potential. On the whole, GED scores alone do not convince college Admissions Officers of your true caliber.

  • Job-related Opportunities

Most of the jobs require certain post secondary study. It might just be vocational training or a college degree, depending on the field of the job you choose. Do some thorough research as to what are the basic criteria required to get into a specific work field. Most jobs demand for high school diploma, so is a safer option to complete your high school. However, there might be certain jobs that accept GED as well.

The military prefers students with high school diplomas over GED holders. The irony lies in the fact that the GED program was developed by the U.S. military long ago. This non-acceptance of GED in most cases is a result of the relentless stigma that is attached to the GED holders. It is often considered that such candidates are have not been serious about their higher studies and that they believe in shortcuts rather than hard work. There are many other similar negative ideas that cling on to GED holders. The bitter but honest truth is that no other test or exam can replace high school classes. A GED might fulfill the prerequisites for certain colleges, courses, training programs or even jobs. But, it surely does not provide the adequate training and knowledge required to succeed in those programs. In clearer words, earning a GED might be as bad as dropping out in this context.

Here are the basic reasons why you should consider completing your online high school course:

To show your potential, credibility and self-discipline to your employers and get hired by topmost employers eventually
To increase your chances of getting acknowledged and gradually accepted by the Admissions Officers of topmost colleges and universities
To gain a wholesome learning; a high school program not only imparts the required theoretical knowledge but also trains you to handle real-life issues, thus leading to an overall development
To get conditioned to the future college-level or job-level work

GED tests might be a cheaper alternative for high school course but it fails to impart the deeper learning that is required for the personal development of the student. In fact, in today’s world of intense competition it is less likely for you to fall behind of your contemporaries if you hold a genuine high school diploma. It can even be claimed that you are safe career wise if you at least have a high school degree, be it online or traditional.

Today attaining an online high school diploma has become much easier, thanks to the popularity of online high schools. When you get a high school diploma from an accredited online high school, you are well-regarded and accepted both by colleges or universities and employers. Being a fully accredited online high school, Forest Trail Academy offers accredited online high school courses for high school students to secure their high school diplomas. Such online high schools have made the learning environment more student-friendly, enabling the students to juggle their external activities with their coursework. Thus, life is no more a struggle for high school students. Passing the GED® test just grants you a certificate. However, this certificate does not hold a candle in front of a genuine accredited high school diploma.

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