What Is The Daily Routine Of An Online High School Student?

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What Is The Daily Routine Of An Online High School Student?

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In an online high school, a student won`t have to commute daily to the school to appear for lectures. He doesn’t have to complete the assignment every second day and make himself present in the classroom. In the online education, a student can very well study from the comforts of his home. All he needs to do is to have a laptop with a fine internet connection.

There are numerous perks of online education and if you are an online education recipient you must be well aware of these conveniences. But being an online student doesn’t mean that you completely detach yourself from your studies. It doesn’t mean that your levels of studies go down and you can take things for granted. Schools like Forest Trail Academy which are one of the finest schools in the online education today, monitor, and review the performance of each student. Every enrolled student of the school is assessed and analyzed keenly by the school staff so that every child grows up to its truest potential. For instance, the high school students are given an extra heed and attention because their results and performance of this year heavily matter. This performance reflects the potential of the student in his or her resume.

Since you are high school student, there has to be observed a level of seriousness on your part because the results of high school play a crucial role in your life later. Online education offers flexibility. If a student has some family commitments, work, or some other kind of issue he can easily adjust his working hours. In online education, you do not have to strictly appear for classes every day but you also cannot ignore it completely. If you have to secure good credits on your part, you will have to be a little mature. Focused, and self-motivated in your approach.

As far as the routine of an online high school student goes, every student has his or her own way of studying in an online school. For instance, a student may log in the morning and complete the assignment, lectures and other work before midday. After midday, he may then carry on with his other work which may be at his workplace. On the other hand, some students might will to log in late in evening and even at night after wrapping up with their other commitments. So every student has his own approach. Let`s now understand the exact daily routine of a student from both morning and evening perspectives.

Daily Routine Of A Student Who Logs In The Morning

The Early riser
7-8AM: Wake up, breakfast gets dressed and complete the breakfast.
8-9AM: Log in the school`s page to look for assignment, lectures and other notifications. You can also approach your teachers with your questions and other issues if any.
9-12AM: Work in these 3 hours. Complete your assignment goes through the lectures tutorials and other notifications sent by the teacher. You can also interact with your teachers and other students on chat forums, email and even through a phone call.
12-1PM: Lunch
1-2PM: Login again to complete your leftover assignment, look for teacher`s replies and complete your leftover assignment.
2PM: Log out.
After logging out, you can engross yourself in any other work. If you are working somewhere you can proceed with your work, if you have some family commitments you can then proceed with them. By logging in the morning, you will be free with your school work most probably by 2 pm and after this, you can dedicate yourself to other work.

Routine Of Student Who Logs In The Evening

Students who are already working somewhere on a full-time basis generally log in the evenings after completing their office work and getting over with other daily family commitments.
7-8AM: Wake up, get dressed and have breakfast
8-12PM: Spend this time at your workplace but at the same time, make sure you have an internet connection. Log in your school`s web page and look for any notifications.
12-1PM: Lunch
2-6PM: Complete all of your office work. Fulfil all other obligations by 6 pm.
6-9PM: Log in your school`s web page. Read the material given by your teachers, go through the tutorials and also communicate with your teachers with any queries of yours. Complete the daily coursework by 9 pm.
9-10PM: Submit your daily assignment if any and after this log out. After logging out have dinner. You can dedicate 1-2 hours also to reading and any other hobbies you have.
After 11PM: Sleep.
So this is the normal daily routine of online high school students who log in the evening. The thing is whether the student logs in the evening or night doesn’t matter. Logging time is all dependent upon the priorities one has. What matters here is the number of hours one puts into his or her studies. A high school student needs to be more conscious and self- motivated since his results would rely on his discipline only.

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