What Is Online High School?

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What Is Online High School?

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Online high school is not less than a milestone achieved in the field of education. With education being given so much importance; today, in the 21st-century people have realized the dire need of education. Education today is, what food is to a hungry soul. In order to combat and eradicate the illiteracy which is highly prevalent in underdeveloped economies, and also pave the way for the home-schooled diploma deprived students to get their high school diplomas, the idea of online high school education was conceived.

These online schools are turning out to be a huge success amidst the students who had once not been able to get the required high school diplomas. The non- traditional virtual classes are very impressive and they leave no stone unturned in providing the students with the best form of education. Specifically, the premium virtual schools like the Forest Trail Academy or FTA adopt a very captivating approach towards the students. Modern software tools and sophisticated teaching methods are incorporated so that the child gets the best and enhanced exposure. Online lessons, a lot of engaging videos, images, slideshows etc. are presented to the students for learning purposes. The students can also interact with their teachers on either phone or through email.

Also, online school is an effective way out for those students who always hesitated in raising their voices or they were too shy to fully share their concerns with the teachers in the traditional classroom environment. The virtual world classrooms save the students from the pangs of perpetual bullying sessions. They can very well communicate with the teachers. In fact, the online schools have the tendency of adopting a no-non sensual student approach. There`s no beating around the bush here. They allow the students to learn and grasp at their own paces and there isn’t any hurry up whatsoever.

How Do These Online Classes Work?

Though the online high schools have gained considerable momentum with the students all over the world many of them especially the parents remain perplexed over the fact as to how these classes actually work. Since there`s only a virtual connection between the student and the teacher, the entire procedure of how these virtual classes work keeps the people in utter confusion. So here we discuss how these online classes would actually work?

There`S 4 Steps To It:

  • Logging on- at first to start with the online classes, a student needs a computer and a reliable internet connection along with software like internet explorer or word processor. Some schools also use the specific customized software on which they allocate assignments and other works to the student. For instance, Forest Trail Academy uses a customized devised software where the students get their own user Id and password for logging in. Else, the students personally have to visit the website of their school and log on. From there, they can pick their coursework and other material.
  • Listening and reading the study material- students then get access to reading and studying material which may be in the form of pre-recorded lectures, slideshows etc. Just like the students are taught lessons in a traditional high school environment, in the same way, they get to read the lectures via pre-recorded videos. Now, people argue that the students won`t get their doubts cleared if they ever face while watching the videos. The faculty in online schools remains available to round the clock for the issues of the students. The students have the option of contacting the teachers via phone and email. All the confusions and queries are resolved at the earliest by the teachers. Also, the students mostly in online schools have to watch the lectures either twice a week or every second day. And the best part, there`s no fixed time to it, these lectures can be watched anytime from anyplace.
  • Completing the assignments- the students will have to complete assignment either offline or online. Some assignments will have to be completed online owing to the requirement of the assignment. All the assignments are received by the students on the course management software being given by the school. Every assignment comes with a deadline. The students have to complete the assignment well before the deadline so as to register good credit scores in their favor.
  • Group discussions- these discussions are one of the most important parts of the online school. In this, the students at least once a week have to get into a discussion with the classmates with the professors organizing it. All that`s done online via the online video calling feature. The professors will then ask each student to respond with his view at a particular time followed by another. These discussions held in a virtual environment boosts up the confidence and caliber of the students and they get an exposure to an ideal debate.

Join Forest Trail Academy; The Best Online High School Today

Forest Trail Academy is one of the most prestigious learning institutions today and although it`s based in the USA, it renders a high school diploma to students from all across the world. the fact that it`s an accredited institution and backed by prominent educational institutions brings tons of students under its roof. It`s accredited by educational institutes like MSA CESS, Cognia (formerly AdvancED), Accreditation International, ACT etc.

The school provides online high school education to students starting right from elementary level to high school. Its high school diploma is well considered by recruiters all over the world. Secondly, the top-notch features of the academy make it worth noticing. Let`s have a glimpse of some of the features provided by the academy.

  • Customized software-
    The first feature worth mentioning is the customized and effective software using which the students use to receive and submit the assignments. Besides from the assignments, the students also receive other types of information.
  • Individualized attention-
    Just because the classes are held virtually does imply that the teachers would not pay heed to students. Here it FTA, every child is dealt individually and the instructors keep a close eye on the progress of each student.
  • Cost effective-
    Not only FTA, but all the online schools are far much cheaper and cost-effective than the regular traditional schools. The entire yearly fee of the online schools is not even half of what the traditional schools charge the students.

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