What is a Diploma Mill?

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What is a Diploma Mill?

The GED proves that you have gained a certain level of knowledge that is almost equal to that of a high school graduate.

What is a diploma mill?

A diploma mill can be defined as a fake organization/institution which issues people fake degrees. These institutions steal their money as well. Also, they pretend to be in an online school. In reality, the diploma by these institutions is nearly meritless. It can be said that they are con-artists. So, you should maintain a safe distance from these diploma mills.

How can an organization be called a diploma mill?

There are a few reasons why a degree from a diploma mill is merit less. The main reason is that diploma mills do not have accreditation.  Their curriculum has not been approved. At the same time, their standards have not been measured. Thus, they are not recognized as a legit source of education. A degree from a diploma mill is not really useful. It is just a sheet of paper!

How do diploma mills trap students?

Diploma mills try their best to make students believe that they are legitimate online high schools. There are certain specific tactics used by diploma mills to do this. There are times when they name and brand themselves similarly to a prominent school that everyone is aware of. This is almost similar to email scams that tend to steal your security info by putting up a false pretense! These try to appear like famous websites. You must always check website URLs. You must look carefully at the name of the school.

There are some schools that try to lie and say that they are accredited when they are not really accredited, in actuality.  If you are not sure about an online school, go ahead and contact their supposed accreditation agency. Make sure to confirm whether or not they are genuine.

What is the main problem?

There are many diploma mills that exist all around the world. These diploma mills give people the false promise of top-quality education. Apart from stealing money from innocent students, they make accredited online schools look really bad. And, this is a serious issue!

After all, online school education is a good thing that has been made possible by the advanced technology of today. These online schools are fully committed to putting an end to the existence of these diploma mills. You must not fall for their tricks.

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