Transitioning From Traditional School To Online School

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Transitioning From Traditional School To Online School

The period of switching from traditional school to virtual school can be highly taxing for students as well as parents. However, this transition is totally worth it since the results are glorifying! The shift would have to be made in a short period of time. Also, parents and students need to make sure that the transition happens in a seamless manner. Above all, the students should have an idea as to what to expect. Accordingly, they can work out a smart learning strategy from beforehand. A good strategy would certainly make things easier during the transition.


The major difference between an online school and a traditional school is the structure type.

When it comes to a traditional school, the student would have to attend physical classes in some buildings. Also, he would have to reach the class at a fixed time, else he might just miss the class. He can have live interactions with teachers and class peers alike. Face-to-face communication does help in building bonds faster. Most importantly, the traditional school student is required to follow a rigid schedule on a regular basis. When it comes to some learners, the rigidity of this education system is required to a great extent. This learning system is well-suited for students who work well under pressure or who are into independent learning. Thus, this conventional education system is meant for students who are fine with following another person’s schedule as well as expectations.

However, for most of the present-day career-driven students, this system does not work. One major reason is that this education system lacks a good deal of flexibility as well as personalization. And, these are what most of the students want these days.No student wants to be restricted in a particular subjective area either. They want to explore more and work on their skills as well as learn new skills. The conventional education system makes most traditional school students feel confined in some way. Since they are not allowed to follow their personal learning pace, most traditional school students are not able to reach their maximum potential.

There are many other reasons why many students move out of traditional schools are stress, anxiety, early hours, distractions, expenditure, peer pressure, bullying, etc.

Now, an online school comes with a breath of fresh air! The topmost benefit it provides is flexibility. It allows many students to create their very own schedule. The students are also allowed to set their own pace. They are also given the liberty to choose from a lot of online programs, electives, and advanced courses. Thus, students have a lot of study options to choose from. Most of these online school courses are highly success-driven and student-friendly. Thus, most students find it more convenient to work on the online school course. The means of communication are slightly different here.

Online school students can have individualized learning interactions with their online instructors by means of email, chat phone calls, discussion forums, and many other online platforms. Accredited online high schools make it easy for online students to communicate and socialize openly. These schools make sure to incorporate various collaborative online projects, fun-filled online activities and various other online as well as offline activities to facilitate online students. Thus, the online student is less likely to feel any social pressures or distractions. This would certainly enable online students to channelize their focus on their online learning.

However, online school students need to take their online school courses seriously. Without showing a good deal of self-discipline, an online student won’t be able to succeed in an online school course.


Prior to making the transition from a traditional school to an online school, students would have to know that they would have to be genuinely responsible for preparing their own learning schedule. This learning schedule needs to be a personalized one that would help the student reach his learning objectives in a feasible manner. The online students would have to devote a good deal of time for their online school courses. Also, parents have a role to play when it comes to any unconventional form of learning. Since an online school does come with a set of qualified teachers and a well-designed learning curriculum, parents need not play teachers. However, they can get involved as much as they want. In the least, they would have to monitor their child’s progress, academic as well as personal. They would have to be supportive and positive. This would help their child navigate the hard times, in case they face a setback at some point.


Prepare a smart learning schedule
Students can talk to their teachers beforehand and get an idea of the schedule of the online course. Accordingly, they can work on devising a feasible learning schedule. Since online learning is highly self-directed, a learning schedule is a must. It needs to be a personalized one. Once prepared, the student should make it a point to stick to it all through the duration of the online course.

Fix a study space
This is an important one. A fixed study space enables online students to concentrate well on their online course during working hours. They would have to be cautious while choosing the study space. It can be a single room or just a corner of any room. No matter what, the place should be quiet and far away from any sort of distractions. Also, the place should be tidy. Get it arranged properly. Have a clean desk and a clean and comfortable chair. Keep it organized.

Limit digital distractions
Get into the habit of reducing digital distractions. They should try to limit their screen time. Try not to check notifications on your phone during your learning hours. Yes, you would require a good deal of self-control for the same. But, it would be worth it.

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