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Passing online high school courses may be a bit daunting for a few of you. Moreover, when you have multiple...

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Passing online high school courses may be a bit daunting for a few of you. Moreover, when you have multiple responsibilities to deal with, it gets all the more stressful!

There are many ideal study apps today that can provide you with the motivation you need. When you have the support of these apps, you will be able to come up with a good study plan.


This app is a top favorite for many online high school students. In case you need a good level of additional motivation, you can go for this app. You can set a timer. You can get this app on Android and iOS.

With a good gamified timer, this app helps you stay focused. The Forest team is partnered with a tree-planting organization known as Trees for the Future. At the time when users spend the virtual coins that they earn on planting trees, the people behind Forest donate to Trees for the Future and create planting orders.

This is a minimalist app that makes use of Pomodoro timers at an advanced level. It has characteristic focus-centric background noise. It also has elegant imagery.

A new Pomodoro Technique is introduced here. It is accompanied by natural sounds. This puts you into a creative mode. The Tide timer enables a half-hour concentration that is followed by a five-minute break. This way it prevents you from procrastination. It assists you in reconstructing your time schedule in a feasible and productive way.

This app has a spectacular design that easily makes you open it and get to work on time. Additionally, it also provides you with a daily and weekly overview of your focus time. This app clearly has every possible feature that you would require to manage your study sessions. You have the option to plan short and long breaks. You can get this app on Android and iOS.

This is a relatively new app that can be used for educational purposes. This app helps many traditional study planners by telling them exactly how much they need to study to fulfill their goals. This app adjusts your schedule depending on whether you’re ahead of or behind your schedule. You can also get weekly and monthly statistics on your study time and achievements. This way you can track your progress conveniently.

You can keep track of your work in an efficient manner with this app. Using this app gives you a good sense of achievement. This app has a clean interface and comes with zero ads as well. It calculates how much pages you have to do daily, adds them up in case you missed a day, and shows you a percentage of how you performed. This futuristic app is known for its brilliant design and unparalleled functionality.

Thus, this app is helpful in making you achieve your study goals. You can get this app on Android.

Smart Study Plan
This is an AI-enabled study planner. It does the scheduling for you. With the help of this app, you can rank your study subjects on their significance. You can then fill in your availability. This app will organize a plan for you as well.

This app provides you a study schedule that you can stick to. You can use this schedule on a regular basis. You can change it as well. You can get this app on Android.

This is a colorful flashcard app. It makes use of spaced repetition and appropriate learning techniques to enable you to memorize a lot of things that you might need to learn. You must generate your own specialized stacks. You can also choose from a lot of illustrated topics. These include Pokemon names! You can get this app on Android and iOS.

Cite This For Me
The previous name of this app was a comma. In case you are wishing to get accepted at a top university, CTFM is the perfect app for you. Here, you will have to choose your referencing style and plug in the details. CTFM will get you into a good deal of bibliography. In other words, this app is a typical problem-free way to get your sources cited in the correct manner. The best thing is that you can do it effortlessly.

My Study Life
This is a simple app. It is an assignment and exam calendar that is mainly designed for high school homeschool and university students. It allows you to assign tasks to certain classes. This app comes with reminders. This way you are always reminded of the reminders!

This smart app supports day and week rotation timetables as well. This can make your job easier! This app is highly versatile. It is easy-to-handle as well. This app acts smoothly to manage your busy life. You can get this app on Android and iOS.

Study Planner
This is another simple app that allows you to track your class schedule. It also enables you to view your agenda. With this app, you can look into the progress of your actual list. Thus, this is a no-nonsense app! You can get this app on Android.

This smart app gives you an automated study schedule based on the number of pages you require. You can get this app on Android.

This is a simple habit-tracker that enables you to set goals and monitor how many days you have actually studied. It comes with home screen widgets and notifications.

The basic utility of this app is to style habit tracking with a journal, but it just took too much time. You can get this app on Android and iOS.

This app helps you create and maintain good habits. Thus, turn, allows you to achieve your long-term goals. Keep in mind that comprehensive graphs and statistics show you how your habits improved over time. The app is ad-free as well as open source.

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