The Impact of Online Homeschooling on the Classroom

Education is one of the most fundamental necessities of society today. Understanding our current education system and how it works is fundamental...

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The Impact of Online Homeschooling on the Classroom 1

Education is one of the most fundamental necessities of society today. Understanding our current education system and how it works is fundamental to understanding the ways in which it is slowly failing us and more importantly, our children. That is one major reason why we need to study the impact of online homeschooling on the classroom as we know it.


Over the last decade, we have seen numerous innovations that have revolutionized our lives for the better. We can now track and monitor virtually everything we do. But what does that mean for our education system? Can online homeschools really be the solution we are looking for to overcome the challenges we currently face our traditional education system?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. With the help of technology, we can now deliver education even to the remotest locations. What that essentially means is that we no longer have to worry about any child falling behind on account of lack of access to a quality education. Even students from abroad can now access quality online homeschool curriculum and interact with highly qualified teachers from their own countries.

The greatest advantage of online learning is that students can now access quality education at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional education systems. In addition to the high degree of flexibility, online homeschool programs offer students the significant benefit of affordability. With education costs spiraling out of control, this has proved to be a major boon for most Americans as well as students from abroad seeking to earn a high school diploma in the United States.


We don’t have to look very far to understand the profound impact technology has had on our lives. It has practically revolutionized the way we do everything right from shopping for groceries to keeping track of our health. There is virtually an app for everything and we can now access these apps on the go.

In the same way, technology has changed the way our children learn via online homeschooling. They can no longer be confined to rote memorization techniques and test-taking procedures. Consider the example of YouTube. There is virtually a video online for almost anything you can think of. We have toddlers learning so many things by just logging on and browsing through online videos.

Online learning has opened up so many new possibilities for us to help our children learn in more efficient ways. In addition to providing us with new tools to help our children learn better, online homeschools have opened up avenues that allow us to customize learning techniques. Students no longer need to cope with a set pace of learning that is set for the entire classroom.

Online homeschool programs allow students to log in to their course material whenever they wish to. All they need is a device that can connect to the internet such as a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. With the penetration of the internet increasing globally by leaps and bounds, learning on the go has never been easier. Infrastructure upgrades have also improved the speed and reliability of internet connections making the entire process of surfing the web a seamless experience.


Online homeschooling isn’t limited to just flexibility and affordability. In addition to being diverse in nature and economically viable, online learning has helped transcend conventional boundaries. Students are no longer required to adhere to a set pace of learning. Traditionally, this pace has been determined by the learning aptitude of the entire class. However, with some students being below that benchmark while others above, this methodology has had its drawbacks.

The effects have been witnessed in the increasing levels of disinterest students have shown toward their education. Not only has this contributed to a steady increase in the rate of dropouts but it has also hampered such students from earning their high school diploma. Some of these students are only a few credits from graduating high school.

In such circumstances, online homeschool programs provide students with an online learning platform that can be customized according to each individual’s learning aptitude. Students are offered the opportunity to set the pace of learning that they are comfortable with. They can choose to go through their course material as fast or as slow as they wish to.

This helps them spend the required amount of time on their subject matter and helps them grasp it better. When looked at comprehensively, an online homeschool helps foster a sense of independent learning and holistic development as opposed to conventional objectives such as memorization and rote learning. Moreover, the advantages of online homeschooling aren’t limited to the classroom.

Many student-athletes have adopted online learning programs due to the high degree of flexibility they offer in terms of both learning schedules and pace of learning. They are now free to schedule classes around their training schedules and can study according to their own convenience. With the help of the support of teachers and advisors online, they can easily keep up their grades and focus on their professional ambitions without falling behind.


One significant advantage of online homeschool programs over traditional learning methodologies is the ability to provide instant feedback. While students are required to submit their assignments online, the feedback they receive is almost instantaneous. Teachers and advisors provide advice and guidance via email and chats too. With the added facility of interacting with teachers and peers online, students can now learn and interact in real time without having to wait too long to make the required changes.

Teachers can also monitor the progress of each child online in real time. This helps them stay on top of each child’s progress and submit performance reports to parents. Parents too, are provided the facility of monitoring their child’s progress online. With more and more parents seeking to be actively involved in the learning process, online homeschools have proved to be a boon to them.

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