Teachers Joining Hands in imparting Education in Online Schools

IMPORTANCE OF TEACHERS IN ONLINE SCHOOLS Teachers really are one of the core building blocks of our society, aren’t they?...
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Teachers Joining Hands in imparting Education in Online Schools 1


Teachers really are one of the core building blocks of our society, aren’t they? But how important are they to online schools in our country? Sure, we can develop high education standards and formulate course material that matches up to those high standards. But ultimately it is our teachers who are responsible for imparting that education to our children. No matter how great our education system is built to be, without qualified and experienced teachers, it is meaningless. They bring life to our education system and ultimately, to our children. A little reflection on our own lives will serve as a strong reminder of how important a teacher can be to the fundamental development of a child. So, why has there been such an exodus of teachers from the schools of our country?There are several reasons for that. For starters, they aren’t really paid all that well but are expected to take on a host of responsibilities in addition to their fundamental role of being educators. It is no wonder then as to why so many of our teachers are forsaking the noble profession of teaching in pursuit of more lucrative career opportunities. Add to that the numerous lawsuits that have been brought against them for a variety of reasons, some of which may have had nothing to do with their core responsibility of imparting education. Given such difficult circumstances, teachers are inevitably being forced to quit the profession or compromise on the quality of their teaching. This is in no way beneficial to the students or the teachers, and certainly not to the parents of these children who hope to provide them with a good education.

It is these trying times that have brought to the fore the importance of online schools in the United States of America. More than just providing students with an avenue for online education, these e-learning platforms are opening the doors for the transformation of our entire education system. They have also opened up new avenues for a number of teachers, especially those seeking to do more than just teach. Studies have shown that a number of teachers believe in imparting a holistic education that goes beyond just teaching students their course curriculum. School has always been a place where moral values and ethics have been instilled into children in addition to providing them with a good education. Our society has always believed in the role played by our educators in the lives of our children. While parents remain the primary educators for their children, teachers serve to enforce good values and ethics as secondary caregivers.

However, considering the deteriorating circumstances surrounding the teaching profession combined with federal and state funding issues, teachers seem to be faced with limited options. That is where e-learning platforms step in. They provide teachers with a very viable option to not only continue with the teaching profession but also employ the flexibility provided to explore a multifaceted approach toward imparting education. Online learning platforms are much more than just a platform to impart education. They are new-age platforms designed exclusively for the purpose of holistic learning and offer flexibility like no other system currently available. When compared with our conventional education system, they certainly stand out as the more preferred option among students and parents too. The rapidly increasing rate of enrollment with such online schools in the country is testament to their acceptance as efficient alternatives to the conventional process of learning.


Online education systems provide teachers with unimaginable flexibility. Whether it is developing course material, keeping track of a student’s progress or even scheduling parent-teacher meetings, being able to work online certainly offers them a wide range of possibilities to carry out their activities. In terms of course material, it is relatively much more economical to develop and reproduce online content when compared with traditional methods of developing content. Moreover, being able to learn online also offers teachers and students a lot more room for interaction when compared with learning within the four walls of a classroom.

E-learning has also opened up many more avenues in terms of delivering interactive content online. Students are now given the freedom and the flexibility to study on their own terms while being supervised by their teachers online. One-on-one interaction between students and teachers also makes for a very encouraging environment that facilitates the holistic development of students. The greatest thing about interactive online content is that it drives away boredom. In addition to constant engagement of the student, being able to learn online provides students with more options to focus on their course material as opposed to being distracted by other students. In some cases, online courses are known to provide students with multiple study flows just to ensure they have grasped their subject matters thoroughly.


Online learning platforms also transcend geographical boundaries. This has a significant impact on the availability of opportunities not just for students but also for teachers. They now have the ability to teach students not just from another state but also from halfway around the world. One of the most significant benefits of having access to such a platform is that teachers are no longer required to move to another district or state just to be able to grab a hold of the opportunity they seek. This way, they are able to focus on raising a family as well as enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career. The student-teacher ratio certainly is a great boon given the stress teachers are currently experiencing in traditional schooling environments. Overall, it just makes more sense for teachers to opt for opportunities in online education. It certainly offers them the possibility for achieving a balance between work and personal life and the money is great too.

While most people accuse teachers of abandoning their children for more lucrative avenues, the question they probably need to ask themselves is – What would they have done had they been in a similar situation? Online learning platforms offer them lucrative opportunities to deliver their best without the stress of traditional schooling environments. Why shouldn’t they opt for them?

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