Educator: License Our LMS Platform/Curriculum

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Educator: License Our LMS Platform/Curriculum

Educator: License Our LMS Platform/Curriculum 1


Forest Trail Academy offers a proven, quality, user-friendly, comprehensive platform and K-12 online curriculum to public schools, home schools, charter schools, private schools, alternative schools, etc., who is seeking to ensure a top-quality online education.
To compete in today’s fiercely competitive academic environment, all schools must offer online courses as well as augmenting traditional classes with web-based support. Creating an effective distance learning solution, however, requires specific expertise, capital, and other resources you may not have. Licensing OUR platform and curriculum is the answer. It is imperative to find a turnkey e-Learning solution that can be quickly deployed. Our e-Learning platform and curriculum is all inclusive and user-friendly.

Forest Trail Academy offers an alternative solution for education. Our e-Learning platform and curriculum is available to any school :

  • The highest quality technology, performance, reliability, and scalability
  • Unparalleled service, technical assistance, and marketing support.
  • Speed and ease of implementation (fully operational within a (week).
  • An affordable pricing structure that makes sense for your institution’s needs.
  • Flexible reporting, teacher, student, administrative, and technological capabilities.

Forest Trail Academy delivers everything you need for online learning programs in helping to increase your curriculum and expand your student base. Below are two (2) options:

Option #1:
K-12 Option to start your own K-12 online School. (Turnkey Operation – we provide the website, teachers, support, etc.)

Option #2:
K-12 Licensed Curriculum and Platform Only.
(You provide your own staff/teachers, school design and website).

Our platform and curriculum may be used as an asynchronous or synchronous learning tool, so students may access school anytime or the schedule that you set. Within the platform, we offer a secured social network community (like facebook) in which students are able to speak, chat, participate virtual clubs, and peer tutoring.

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Join Forest Trail Academy today and start learning on your own time and at your own pace.