Online School’s Unraveling Traditional Methods Of Schooling

CHANGES IN EDUCATION THROUGH THE GENERATIONS Change is always hard, and it is even harder when it brings about alterations...

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Online School’s Unraveling Traditional Methods Of Schooling 1


Change is always hard, and it is even harder when it brings about alterations to the manner in which things have been done for decades. People belonging to the baby boom generation are the ones who would be able to identify with this phenomenon the most. They have been conditioned to think about school in a manner that is very conservative, traditional and dependent. This underlying thinking has been completely done away with by the fact that some of the richest people today are high school or college dropouts. But it isn’t their fault. They were imbibed with values and thinking patterns by the generation that went before them. While those values and concepts may have held true for most of the baby boom generation, it most certainly does not hold true for the present generation.

For starters, the generation of today has absolutely no job security. You can no longer hold on to a job for an entire lifetime and expect the company or the governments to support you after you’ve retired. Our children need to be taught how to be more independent and must develop skill sets that will help them adapt to constantly changing circumstances. After all, we all know how fast technology can make a necessity today obsolete tomorrow. That’s where the alternative schooling online K-12 schools in the country have been making headway. They are the ones who’ve managed to adapt to changing technology and use that to their advantage to help students develop more than just the standard skill sets they would have via a traditional schooling environment and the children can earn the alternative school programs of choice.


Online education is the alternate education that has essentially bridged the gap between the contemporary demand for talent and the supply of a traditional workforce. Students and executives now have the opportunity to hone skills that are actually demanded by the present-day industry as opposed to the traditional skill sets they would have developed otherwise. The real fundamental crux amidst all this is the fact that children today have begun to question. They no longer accept standard dogma as fact and want to know whether they actually stand to benefit in the long run. This is in sharp contrast to what was traditionally the norm. Earning an online high school diploma is now considered one of the most prudent ways to get ahead.

Traditional schooling systems, in contrast to online learning systems, are primarily based on the physical presence of a child in a four-walled classroom. While some consider this an efficient mechanism to foster inclusion, research studies have shown that more children tend to be negatively affected by the mandated requirement of physically “being” present in a classroom. The student-teacher ratios across the country offer no consolation either. There have been several instances where teachers have struggled to effectively attain the level of education they’d like to on account of the stress caused due to the unmanageable number. Studies have also shown that both, students as well as teachers benefit from a mutually feasible strength that is conducive to the effective working at both ends.

Online high schools, online middle schools and online elementary schools in the country are providing alternative k-12 education and are evidence enough of the remarkable progress achieved by students on account of the progressive techniques that have been adopted by teachers. Within an online learning environment, a teacher has the freedom to interact with as many students as possible as long as the desired level of effort is maintained. Also, since online education solutions are web-based, teachers now have access to all their students irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover, online home schooling offers students and their teachers the flexibility to schedule appointments based on the convenience of parents. This in turn, fosters a heightened sense of inclusion for both, the student and the parent, and results in an enhanced level of productivity on the part of the student.


The greatest part about learning online is that it isn’t limited to just online high schools. Online middle schools and online elementary schools in the country have also witnessed outstanding progress in their students’ results, albeit with the help of a more robust support system. High school students tend to be more independent and require minimal supervision in an online home schooling environment. However, as online K-12 schools have witnessed over the past, students enrolled with an online middle school or an online elementary school do require a support system comprising parents and teachers to help them adapt to technologically advance online education systems. In the long haul, these online learning systems have proved to be extremely beneficial for the students, their parents and also the teachers.


Online home schooling is a concept that is fast catching up with students from across the nation. Being technologically savvy from a very young age also puts such students at an advantage. Learning and adapting to new technology tends to come easier when one is younger. Moreover, the capacity to absorb and retain tends to be much higher in younger students. This is what makes online learning so much fun for them. It combines the freedom to explore along with an academic environment that helps students achieve specific goals on their path to attaining a valuable education. Traditional schooling methods tend to be more restrictive in nature and allow only a limited amount of freedom when it comes to exploring a subject.

This is what sets a traditional environment at a disadvantage when compared with an online education system. Studies have shown that the level of learning and retention is directly proportional to the degree of freedom and encouragement a child’s learning environment provides. Furthermore, when you take into consideration the time and economic benefits that distance learning offers, traditional environments have definitely been found wanting. It’s no wonder online K-12 schools across the country have witnessed such sharp increases in their enrollment numbers consistently over the last few years. Parents want their children to have access to the best opportunities, and distance learning solutions and online home schooling are the way to do just that! To enroll into the online school and earn the benefits that online learning offers, you can contact the education counselor to know further more about the courses and their future acceptance by the universities and for the employment.

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