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Creative Writing

Creative Writing Online High School Elective

This course offers an opportunity for students to analyze a diverse selection of literature as well as to develop extensively their own creative writing talents. Students are required to write a play, a selection of various styles of poetry, a short story, and other types of compositions. Emphasis is placed on the development of original ideas, mechanics, vocabulary, and writing styles.

Course Outline

  • Welcome to Creative Writing!
  • Worksheet: Introduction
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Worksheet: Descriptive Writing
  • Short Story
  • Worksheet: Short Story
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Worksheet: Newspaper Articles
  • Poetry
  • Worksheet: Poetry
  • Assignment: Society, Part One
  • Society, Part One
  • Essay: Elderly in our Society
  • Society, Part Two
  • Essay: Education in America
  • Society, Part Three
  • Worksheet: Society, Part Three
  • Point of View
  • Point of View Part-1
  • Point of View Part-2
  • Worksheet: Point of View
  • Emotive Writing
  • Worksheet: Emotive Writing
  • Fragments and Run-on Sentences
  • Fragments and Run-on Sentences
  • Worksheet: Fragments and Run-on Sentences
  • Review and Parallel Construction
  • Review and Parallel Construction 1
  • Review and Parallel Construction 2
  • Review and Parallel Construction 3
  • Worksheet: Review and Parallel Construction
  • Review
  • Worksheet: Review
  • Short Story (Cont.)
  • Worksheet: Short Story (Cont.)
  • Free writing
  • Assignment: Free Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Assignment: Free writing
  • Editorials and Interviews
  • Editorials and Interviews -1
  • Editorials and Interviews -2
  • Worksheet: Editorials and Interviews
  • Essay
  • Assignment: Essay
  • Handout: Course Evalulation
  • Assignment: Course Evaluation