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Career Planning

Career Planning Course Outline

This course is designed to help students explore a variety of careers to consider and begin planning a career path.
This course is great whether you already know what you want to do, or if you are undecided.
This Career Planning Elective Course is designed to students become proficient in core areas to ensure success after high school.


These skills include:


  • Solving Problems And Thinking Skillfully
  • Communicating Effectively, Applying Technology
  • Working Responsibly
  • Planning And Managing A Career
  • Managing Resources

Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • Course Description
  • Career Planning Links
  • Assignment: Work Questions
  • Personality and Career Planning Tests
  • Assignment: Self Assessment
  • Self Assessment Exercise
  • Assessment by Others
  • Assignment: Assessment by Others
  • Assignment: Timeline
  • Create a Timeline
  • Family “Career” Tree
  • Research Concept of Work
  • Chart your Skills
  • Assignment: Reflection
  • Chart your Skills
  • Create Goals
  • Interview Employers
  • Assignment: Networking
  • What are Networks?
  • Building Networks
  • Why are Networks so important?
  • Assignment: Interviews
  • Definition of “Transferable Skills”/Identify Skills
  • Interviews
  • Assignment: How to Become a . .
  • Explore Career Opportunities
  • How to become a . . .
  • Assignment: Create Your Resume
  • Create Your Resume
  • Prepare for Interview
  • Evaluate Your Interview Skills
  • Research Youth Job Safety
  • Purpose of Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations
  • Identify Employer and Worker Responsibilities
  • List Three Worker Rights
  • Controlling Workplace Hazards
  • Develop Safety Questions
  • Course Survey
  • Handout: Course Survey
  • Assignment: Course Survey