Computers And Technology


This course will help students learn essential computer applications and Internet technology skills for personal, academic, and professional success.Students will effectively use a current Windows operating system and appropriate file management resources; develop and refine keyboarding skills on computers for speed and accuracy; apply word processing and desktop publishing functions to create,edit,manipulate,format,cite resources,print and store common personal and business documents; apply spreadsheet functions to solve financial, mathematical, and statistical problems in business; create and edit charts and graphs to interpret spreadsheet data, design and create databases to extract,sort,calculate and report business data,design,create and execute an artistic and professional PowerPoint presentation which includes appropriate text formatting, graphics, animation, and public speaking skills, and use the Internet in an ethical manner to research, communicate, collaborate, and efficiently retrieve information

Course Outline


.This course features an employment unit designed to help students explore their career interests, set career goals, analyze and develop their workplace skills, complete online employment applications, develop interviewing techniques, prepare resumes and other employment documents useful in assembling a career portfolio. Many other hands-on projects integrating multiple office applications are also highlighted within the curriculum.