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Online School Vs Public School

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Well, both the modes of education have their own merits and demerits. But the point is which one`s merits overshadows its own demerits. Traditional education or the real-time schools have their presence for centuries. They just got developed over the time but their foundation was laid years back. On the other hand, online education is a 21`st century gift and it has developed and grown in the recent years only. Studying in a virtual environment and studying in a real-time classroom session are totally different experiences altogether. Both the methods of learning have a different approach towards a student.

For instance, a home-schooled focussed student would find it easier to study in an online school than in a traditional school. By enrolling in an online school, he is also saving a considerable part of his money by avoiding heavy tuition fee, commuting expenses, etc. But if there is a lack of discipline when it comes to studies and a student faces a hard time in focussing alone in his studies, then online education can also turn out to be a nightmare. So one will have to carefully study the two systems of education in depth and then come to a conclusion.

If we sit and compare the two systems of education, there are various parameters on which we can easily differentiate the two. It`s very important for a student to understand and assess the pros and cons of both the systems of education before they take their final decision.

  • Flexibility- if we talk of flexibility, then online education is the perfect choice. For a section of students who are either working or have some other responsibilities can easily adjust his schedule and extract some time in his day for his regular course studies. Most of the online schools have a weekly reporting format where the students once in a week have to go through the lectures, complete the assignment and report to the teachers prior to next week. So there is no strict and stringency in this system of education.However, in a traditional classroom environment, the students will have to appear in the real classroom session every day. Although some schools have evening classes too, that too has to be attended by the students regularly. So in terms of flexibility, the online system of education has an upper hand over the traditional education system.
  • Self-motivation and seriousness- if you are enrolled in an online school, then you will have to be self-focused and conscious every time. Since there is no real time presence, you will have to dedicate at least every two hours from your day to be on time. Self- motivation means you will have to be focused on your studies. If you have to attain success in the online education, discipline is one of the core requisites especially when you are in your high school. You can communicate with other students on chat forums and study collectively. This will initiate a healthy competition between the students and would keep you glued to your books. To remain on the track always, you must complete your coursework on time.
  • The blending education model- education models in both the system of education are largely different. Both the modes of education have their own perks and disadvantages too. For instance, in the online system of learning, the instructors interact with the students, not more than once or twice, allocate assignment, outline the guidelines and the student himself has to then complete the assignment moreover himself only. So it gives him some time, plus he can schedule his working hours, approach the work himself which gives him the liberty to grown and nourish in his work.In a traditional school, the curriculum is designed by the teachers, the students are guided and backed by these teachers who help them in achieving or completing the tasks. Especially for a weaker lot, completing the assignment in the class would be easier than doing the same task alone or online.

Final Decision

So the option of resting with a final answer rests with a student. Online learning is a shining glorious opportunity for those who can study in a virtual environment. It offers flexibility, is comparatively low in terms of cost in comparison to the traditional system of education, allows students to learn at their own pace and the perks go on endlessly. If only when you have some disciplinary issues, then you should opt for the traditional schooling system. Otherwise, online high school education offers much more than one can expect from it.

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It is an online K12 school based in the USA. It is fully accredited by reliable education agencies and has enrolled thousands of students from across the globe. It provides the curriculum to the student that has been set according to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. As an academy, it has humungous plus points in its favor. Those students who couldn’t complete their education have the chance of completing it using this platform. But note that Forest Trail Academy is an online high school education only and not a university or a college. It renders education from kindergarten to grade 12th only.

The key strength of the academy are:

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  • Takes in use the latest technological methods for teaching at the online education platform.

A Customized App For The Students

Another unique thing about this academy is that it doesn’t reach out to the students via email but through an application that has been specifically designed and customized keeping in mind the interest and use of the students. The students receive the coursework, assignments, and other material on this app only. Also, there is a separate login page for parents also where they can track their wards progress and also communicate with the teachers and instructors to get reports of their children performance.

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