Online Homeschool’s Gaining Excellence in Education

ONLINE EDUCATION PROMOTES EXCELLENCE There certainly has been a lot of debate about the pros and cons of online homeschooling...

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Online Homeschool’s Gaining Excellence in Education 1


There certainly has been a lot of debate about the pros and cons of online homeschooling over the last few years. While the arguments for both sides have points worth considering, what really matters is what you think about online schools in the United States. Are you really happy with the way things are going with our traditional schooling system? Do you honestly believe our children are being provided with the best possible education? If that is the case, then why are our students falling behind when compared with those from other parts of Europe and Asia? Have our standards really dropped that far or have we been too complacent while the rest of the world has progressed beyond us?

While a lot of these questions may have varied answers and respective justification for the same, the key takeaway remains the same in all cases – Our children are falling behind. Statistics reveal that students from Europe and Asia are far ahead of American students in terms of basic reading and math skills as well as general awareness about current events. Not only are they more informed but they also seem to be well aware of the level of competition they are up against. Moreover, a lot of these students have taken to online learning systems to help give them an edge over their competition. Maybe it’s time we realized that too and focus more on the benefits online schools have to offer us. After all, our children need to grab a hold of every opportunity that comes their way. It’s time parents woke up to the fact that our children no longer compete with other students from America. They now compete with students from halfway around the world.


In most cases, these students are subjected to a much more rigorous schedule than our own students. While increasing the stress levels of our students is of primary concern, we also need to acknowledge that our current methods of imparting education aren’t delivering the desired results. Online homeschooling certainly seems to offer us way out With the flexibility it offers and the level of interactivity involved, being able to learn online certainly does have its advantages. Students are allowed to proceed at their own individual pace and are also provided with immense freedom to explore their subject matter thoroughly. Moreover, the level of interactivity employed by online schools in delivering their course material has played a major role in the increased engagement of students. Over the years, boredom has been one of the major factors responsible for students losing interest in their course material. It has also been a significant contributor to the large number of high school dropouts.


The No Child Left Behind Act too, lays a lot of emphasis on the concern many educators and parents share – the alarming high school dropout rate of our country. While there have been several measures that have been put in place to ensure students do not drop out of school, none has proved to be more effective than online homeschooling. The acceptance rate of an online learning system has been relatively high when compared with other methods of imparting education. Students seem to adapt a lot more easily to studying online than other modes of learning. This could be partly because of their affinity for and exposure to technology at a very young age. Understanding and maneuvering around user-friendly software applications seem to come naturally to them, which also serves as a major contributing factor toward the success of such learning platforms.

The high enrollment rates that have been witnessed in the country are testament to the effectives of online schools in delivering the desired level of education. More than just standard course curriculum, they have also opened up the opportunity for students to apply for Advanced placement Courses that were once limited by geographical location and availability of the required teaching faculty. Teachers and students can now interact with each other no matter where they live. All they need is a computer and access to the internet. Online learning platforms have truly revolutionized the face of education and it’s high time we too, leveraged its potential to our advantage.


Raising the standard of education is not just about developing better quality course curriculum. It is about designing and delivering the best possible content in an economically viable manner. Online K-12 courses allow academicians to do just that. They can now design and deliver content for course material over the internet in a manner that is relatively a lot cheaper when compared with traditional schooling methods. This works out to be extremely beneficial for parents as well, especially those struggling to cope with the spiraling costs of education. Given our economy, online learning platforms have certainly proved to be a boon, especially to those seeking a good quality education. In addition to that, they have also proved to be very economical and viable options for professionals seeking to further their careers by earning online degrees and high school diploma.

Online K-12 courses are the perfect alternative to traditional schooling methods not just in terms of cost but also in terms of method of delivery. One of the major advantages of such courses is that they aren’t limited to just high school students. Elementary as well as middle school students can also opt for such courses. They also help with credit recovery and offer high school students a viable solution to get a jump start on college. In addition to the cost, it is the level of flexibility these courses offer that have made them such a success with students across the country, and if statistics are to be believed, things are all set to only get better. Parents and teachers around the world have slowly been warming up to the idea of learning online. Maybe it’s time we did too. After all, it does involve the future of our children and it is our responsibility to ensure that it is a bright one.

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