Is Online Schooling a Boon or Bane for Students

ONLINE SCHOOLING REVOLUTIONIZING EDUCATION Every single day we have new innovations being launched all around the world. Why should the...

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Is Online Schooling a Boon or Bane for Students 1


Every single day we have new innovations being launched all around the world. Why should the field of education be any different? With online schooling revolutionizing the way we impart education to our children, more and more parents seem to be getting comfortable with adopting such solutions. Whether as a supplementary solution or an independent avenue for education, parents around the world and especially here in America are steadily opening up to the idea of learning online as a viable alternative for their children. For decades, we have solely relied on conventional methodologies to impart education to our children. But now, it is time we evaluated new options – options that will equip them with the skills they need to compete at a global level. Their competition is no longer limited to other students from just the United States or Europe. They now compete with students from Asian economies too.


But the one question everyone’s been asking is – Are virtual learning platforms really that effective? The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” Recent studies have shown marked improvement in students’ grades from across the country and an increased interest in learning. With the entire learning process having shifted to the internet, students now find it much more engaging to learn their subject matter. They have access to a plethora of resources and that too, at a fraction of what it would have otherwise cost them. The methods used by such knowledge platforms are much more interactive and they encourage children to go much beyond the usual course of learning. With the freedom to explore their material without any hindrances, students are more prone to focus on a wholesome methodology of learning as opposed to learning with the singular objective of obtaining a desired grade.

Students too, are now realizing that only studying to earn a Online high school diploma isn’t going to suffice anymore. Employers everywhere are now looking for employees with the right skills as opposed to the right degrees. Learning on-the-job is offered higher priority than diplomas and degrees. The reason for this is constantly changing work environments. Traditional schools are churning out potential employees with skills sets that may no longer be required. Yes, things are changing that fast. That is precisely why students today, need to be in a position to learn on the fly and adapt accordingly. They can no longer rely on conventional skill sets. Companies all around the world are leveraging technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This usually results in job cuts in one specific area with jobs being created in another area. Those with the ability to adapt can move on to the new jobs while those unable to do so will be forced to look for work elsewhere.

Automation is the primary objective of most innovations and with constantly evolving technology, there is no industry that has been left out. Education too, has been taken by storm with newfangled online schooling solutions offering students much better opportunities than conventional methodologies. Online schooling With the flexibility offered by such platforms, there is no denying the numerous advantages that come along with it. Students and parents get to spend more time together; teachers are able to devote more attention to each student; and students can progress at a pace that suits them rather than worry about keeping up with the rest of the class. Being able to learn in a worry-free environment can have a significant impact on a child’s learning process. Research studies have indicated that those studying in an online environment display higher levels of confidence and better grades than their counterparts studying in traditional environments.


With fast-paced lives and rigorous schedules, parents and children are finding it increasingly difficult to spend more time together. Considering the time spent traveling and commuting, and you’ve got even lesser time to spare. Counting on the flexibility of a virtual learning platform allows children to stay at home and complete their coursework at their own desired pace. In addition to spending time with their parents, this also helps foster a stronger bond between parent and child. Throw in the added benefits of time and money saved on traveling and you can understand just why everyone’s talking about the efficiency of such online solutions. Not only do they allow families to spend more quality time together but they also provide children with numerous avenues to pursue their academic interests. This flexibility has been the major advantage over traditional learning environments.

In terms of ensuring that our children graduate with their high school diplomas and go on to college, online avenues have proved to be a significant boon. While allowing them to alter the pace of their learning, studying online also offers them the possibility of engaging with other students online thereby facilitating the free exchange of ideas. This in turn, fosters a holistic environment that nurtures the true learning spirit and goes much beyond the primary objective of earning a diploma or a degree. With online schooling fast gaining ground, students from around the world are exploring different facets that will help them achieve their own personal academic goals. Studying abroad no longer requires one to travel to that particular country. Moreover, access to a good online education has become even more affordable. With virtually everything moving online, students now have access to unimaginable opportunities for their education.

A high school diploma is just a starting point. There is so much more we can achieve by leveraging such learning platforms to our advantage. With accredited online schools present across the United States, students no longer need to worry about transferring their credits either. Degrees and diplomas awarded by such schools are accepted by colleges and universities too. Furthermore, such solutions have also helped deliver education to remote rural districts and areas once considered unfeasible. Students from such districts can now have access to some of the best faculty in the country – an option that has long been out of their reach. After learning so much about how beneficial virtual learning can be, would you consider it a boon or a bane to us today?

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