How Online Homeschools Are Making Traditional Schooling Obsolete

When it comes to job security the reality we’re currently faced with can be scary. We don’t have it anymore,...

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How Online Homeschools Are Making Traditional Schooling Obsolete 1

How Online Homeschools Are Making Traditional Schooling Obsolete

When it comes to job security the reality we’re currently faced with can be scary. We don’t have it anymore, period. Anyone saying otherwise is either in denial or cannot see the truth. And that’s not just the case here in the United States of America. It is happening across the world. Corporations everywhere are struggling to increase profits and as a result are looking for new ways to cut costs. Mass layoffs are now slowly becoming the norm. The latest news reveals that robots in China are on the verge of taking over the jobs of journalists and TV anchors. It seemed a distant reality only a few years ago, didn’t it? Well, that’s how far we’ve come in terms of advancing information technology and artificial intelligence. But what do online homeschools have to do with it?

Everything; they have everything to do with it. With the help of advanced information technology, online learning platforms are now revolutionizing our education system. We no longer impart education using books and a blackboard. Online platforms have made learning a lot more interactive and engaging, and as a result, a lot more fun. It is important to note that these developments are actually necessities as opposed to desired outcomes. Corporations are no longer looking for just employees but independent thinkers. The change trend is evident in the amount of training that is actually provided to new employees. They are expected to hit the ground running and are expected to learn on the fly. Given such scenarios, it is absolutely vital that they are taught vital skills that will help them not only survive but thrive in this brave new world.

Those who cannot adapt are sure to find the going tough in the future, especially those still hanging on to old school ideas such as traditional schooling. homeschools on the other hand are now opening up new possibilities for all stakeholders involved. Students, teachers, education professionals and parents – they all stand to benefit in a number of ways on account of cutting-edge developments using advanced information technology. Imparting education no longer requires the use of a classroom. Students can now simply log on to their computers and access their course material. Moreover, they also have the flexibility to alter the pace of learning according to their own individual needs. This is an unparalleled advantage when you compare online platforms with conventional classrooms. Such advantages have benefited numerous students, especially those with special needs and student-athletes.

Another major benefit that probably isn’t talked about much is the teacher-student ratio. Public schools have long grappled with unfavorable ratios, which have had a detrimental impact on both students and teachers. However, with the help of online learning platforms, teachers can now provide each student with individual, focused attention in a manner that helps them deliver their best. Moreover, by interacting with teachers from around the world, they can now also share and adopt best practices. Studying online also helps transcend geographical boundaries. They are able to interact with students from different parts of the country as well as from different countries. This helps increase their exposure to different cultures and to different ways of doing things. Having access to teachers from other districts has also significantly benefited students from rural areas. They are no longer required to give up on certain courses of their choice due to the lack of required teaching faculty.

The most interesting aspect of online homeschools is that these online avenues aren’t limited to just students from high school. They can be used to impart education to students from lower grades too. In fact, the use of interactive, online materials have shown remarkable improvement in their grades. Teachers have also reported an enhanced interest in the process of learning as opposed to just studying for grades. Today, it is even more important that we encourage our children to engage in a process of lifelong learning. While that may have been an option in the past, it seems to be more of a necessity today. With technology constantly changing, as a society, we will be required to keep learning and staying abreast of the latest developments. Not doing so may not only mean being left behind, it may lead to missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Online learning is fast catching up with students not only here in the United States but around the world as well. Education professionals everywhere are eager to cast aside traditional methods of teaching and replace them with more modern methods of education. Education today, is no longer just about a high school diploma. While a diploma or a degree may help you get your foot in the door, being successful will certainly require much more effort. It is no wonder that high school students are increasingly using online courses to help with their credit scores. They are even enrolling for Advanced Placement (AP) courses to help them get a jumpstart on college. With a cutthroat environment, our children have realized that they need to focus on every avenue available to them in order to succeed. They aren’t just competing with students from other parts of America but with students other nations too.

One of the significant advantages of courses studied in an accredited online school is that credits earned can be transferred to any other school, college or university in the United States. This makes it extremely feasible for students with parents constantly on the move. It also helps students pursuing other interests such as sports and music keep up their grades while excelling at their professional ambitions. Students with special needs stand to benefit significantly especially since they can be marginalized in a conventional classroom setting. Being able to study at their own pace puts them at ease and provides them with the opportunity to learn better. While keeping up with an entire class of students can be overwhelming, studying at their own pace certainly makes things a lot easier for them. After all, ensuring that every child in America graduates with a high school diploma is our responsibility, isn’t it?

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