How Online Homeschooling Is Changing The Way We Learn

The education system that baby boomers grew up in was significantly different from the kind of education system our children...

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How Online Homeschooling Is Changing The Way We Learn 1

How Online Homeschooling Is Changing The Way We Learn

The education system that baby boomers grew up in was significantly different from the kind of education system our children are growing up in today. That may be a significant factor affecting their understanding of the potential online homeschooling wields in today’s tech-centered world. While most of them have their hearts in the right place, it doesn’t seem right for them to pass on the wisdom they’ve gained from their experiences onto their children, at least when selecting an education system that’s best for them. Traditional schooling worked for them because the kind of skills they needed back in their time were limited and simpler when compared with the kind of skills our children need today and will need in the future. There are several aspects that need to be considered when evaluating what our children need to learn and how they need to go about earning their high school diplomas.

For starters, the concept of job security is slowly becoming an obsolete one. It doesn’t seem to exist anymore and that is clearly evident based on the feedback received from those working in the corporate world today. A high school diploma can no longer guarantee a good job with a steady paycheck anymore. In fact, having a college degree as the bare minimum seems to be slowly becoming the norm. Additionally, employers are also looking for additional skills potential candidates can bring to the table. The more versatile a candidate, the better are his or her chances at being employed. The employable skills that are being demanded in the corporate workspace today simply cannot be developed using traditional avenues. We need to explore more modern methods based on cutting-edge technology since that is the world we live in. Maybe it’s time we let g of the past and embrace a new world filled with change.

One of the great advantages of adopting online platforms is that students are provided with a great deal of freedom, not just in terms of managing their learning process but also in terms of the options that can be made available to them. Accredited online degrees make it much easier for students to transfer to any other school in the United States. This can significantly benefit students whose parents are required to constantly move from place to place on account of job requirements and work commitments. Student-athletes and those pursuing other interests too, stand to benefit in a number of different ways. Furthermore, students are not limited by the options available to them at their local school in terms of courses offered and teaching faculty. By learning online, they can opt for virtually any course they wish to while having access to quality teaching faculty from practically anywhere in the United States.

Online homeschooling has opened up new avenues for pursuing a quality education while questioning the way things have been done for decades. Perhaps that is why there may be those who are skeptical of it. One could wonder why we would even consider modifying a system that has worked well for us for so many years. But to see the truth you have to look a little harder. Our surroundings are changing and in more ways than we can think of. No one knows what the future holds or how we can prepare for it. But the harsh reality of our current circumstances is we cannot carry on as we have over the past years. With globalization increasing and jobs being off-shored on a regular basis, our children need to be taught the right skills that will help them find employment. In an increasingly competitive global environment, developing those skills seems like a vital mission we all need to be part of.

Of course, this by no means implies doing away completely with the existing system. A high school diploma is still an integral stepping stone for our children. However, the way we go about helping them earn their degrees needs to change. There are several drawbacks associated with traditional schools, one of the most noteworthy ones being the pace of learning. In a classroom environment, the teacher usually ends up setting a pace of learning for the entire class. This is done more out of compulsion rather than by choice. However, the downside of this kind of teaching is that students who are not able to keep up may end up getting left behind or being branded as lazy. The other negative impact is that students who are better than a majority of the class may end up getting bored while waiting for the rest to catch up.

Online platforms overcome these challenges by allowing each student to set his or her own pace for completing the course material. The learning process is designed around each individual student rather than around an entire class of students. This way, those who can grasp certain concepts quicker than others are allowed to move ahead, which allows them to spend more time on concepts they may find harder to understand later on. It also allows those who are slower than their peers to move at their own pace without being ridiculed. This, in turn, helps them approach the entire process of learning with more willingness and fosters in them an eagerness to learn. Contrary to popular opinion, the amount of effort required to earn accredited online degrees is just the same as required when pursued via traditional schooling, if not more.

Online homeschooling also provides parents with the convenience of schooling their children at home. They no longer have to worry about transpiration hassles, travel time and costs, and most of all, the safety of their children. With the recent unfortunate incidents that have taken place across the country, providing our children with a safe environment in which they can work toward earning their accredited online degrees seems like the least we can do for them. It is up to us to ensure that our children have access to opportunities that will best prepare them for success.

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