How is a high school diploma compared to GED?

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How Is A High School Diploma Compared To GED?

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  • Duration for completion

A high school diploma consumes up to four years to get to you while a GED may require as little as seven hours, if study time is not counted! No wonder adults, especially employees find it easier to juggle their work with GED preparation as compared to that of high school diploma.

As earning the GED credential can be faster than completing a high school diploma, it’s a decent choice for students who are interested in getting an early hall pass to the job sector.

  • Factor related to age

You are free to go for a high school diploma if you are younger than 18. For GED, students need to be 18 or older. Every state has special conditions that allow a student to test even in case they are below the standard age. However, there is a major exception that states that high school graduates or students currently enrolled in high schools are not allowed to appear for the GED exam.

The GED  is specially constructed for adults over the age of 16 who haven’t earned a high school diploma or aren’t currently enrolled in high school. Even for current students who are considering leaving high school early, GED can be a feasible option for graduation.

However, it is not clever of you to leave your high school diploma in the midway, unless you have a very serious issue. The best you can do is to meet with a social counselor before taking a crucial career-related decision.

  • Future prospects

It actually depends on the employer or the field you choose whether or not they give value to these respective degrees. However, the bitter truth is that a majority of employers do not hire GED graduates. Before sending a resume, make sure to do some background check on the company policy.

In case of community colleges, most of them are lenient and consider both the degrees. Again, the honest truth is that a majority of the elite universities and colleges only fall for you if you have the stamp of a high school diploma in your resume. In case you do not match these criteria, you can spend a couple of years at a community college for the time being. Prove your academic caliber here and then apply for a top-notch college. Whichever course you take up, make sure to pass the last exam to achieve some level of credibility.

  • Scoring in the Test

GED is less time-consuming as compared to a high school diploma. The GED test is graded on an equivalency scale in relative to the high school students. Students must perform on a standard level relative to 60% of high school seniors or above in order to pass.

The GED tests include subjects like Reasoning through language arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social studies.

It includes multiple choice and short-form answers as well as extended response question-and-answer formats. For the preparation of GED, you can opt for the adult education centers across the country offering test-prep courses or do independent studying.

  • Getting a Diploma

Most people might not be at an appropriate age to enroll in an online high school. In such cases, pursuing the GED credential is the smartest option. But if students have the opportunity to get a high school diploma, then weigh your options tactfully. You might get qualified to take the GED exam if you have 2-3 years of coursework left.

However, overall high school diplomas are more valuable and reliable. A high school diploma signifies hands-on study skills as well as your skills in extracurricular activities. High school simply provides overall development opportunities to you that will make you cope up with stressful college and job level environment. On the contrary, GED test doesn’t offer the advanced educational opportunities.

  • Overall impact

A high school diploma effectively conditions students both mentally as well as workwise to face the academic challenges of college in future. Though a high school diploma shall always have an upper hand due to this contribution factor, the GED credential also holds its own certain value. Securing GED credential does not imply that higher education is no longer an option!
Facts and figures have made it apparent that students with high school diplomas are much more likely to get through the entrance exams in international universities and institutes as compared to their contemporaries with the GED credential.

The truth is that there is a considerable level of stigma attached to GED holders. It is not present in case of diploma holders. This stigma is mainly related to being a dropout, not being diligent or serious enough as far as their careers are concerned. Thus, the wages vary for these two categories of aspiring employees.
Many top-rated institutions have the opinion that the wholesome education gained by years of full-time high school classes cannot be compared to a day-long GED test! They strongly believe there can be no alternative for a high school degree, whether from a conventional high school or a genuine accredited online high school. Since a lot of hard work and time goes into earning a high school diploma, it is only just that it holds more value than a GED score.

With a high school diploma in hand, you can experience higher chances of earning a decent salary, getting a decent job, fulfilling your dream of getting into the military, or getting into a college of your choice.

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