Forest Trail Academy Resource Hub

Welcome to the Forest Trail Academy Resource Hub, a collaborative space designed to empower our valued partner schools!

At Forest Trail Academy, we believe in fostering a strong learning community that extends beyond our own walls. This hub provides you with promotional materials to help you promote our partnership.

Use Our Marketing Materials To Promote Our Partnership

Download a variety of informative materials about Forest Trail Academy, including brochures, program flyers, and presentations. 

Branding Fonts and Colors

Primary Color
Forest Green /
Hex Code: #028036

Headline Font
League Spartan

Secondary Color
School Bus Yellow /
Hex Code: #FBE12A

Body Font

Useful Information

A curated list of links to relevant websites that provide in-depth information about our various academic programs. 

Explore detailed program descriptions, curriculum outlines, and admissions information to gain a deeper understanding of what Forest Trail Academy offers.

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