Face to Face Vs. Online Learning? Which is Better?

It isn’t that tough task to mark a difference between traditional or virtual learning because in terms of approach both...

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Face to Face Vs. Online Learning? Which is Better? 1

It isn’t that tough task to mark a difference between traditional or virtual learning because in terms of approach both the mediums of education don’t have major differences. The former that is the face to face learning is the basic form of education wherein the students are present in a real classroom physically interacting with the teachers whereas the latter is the virtual or the online education is the one in which the teacher and the student interact and establish a connection via the internet. The entire coursework, syllabus, examinations etc. all remain the same.

Now the question is which education system is the better or which one overshadows the other one. If we look in the current scenario, online education today is the need of the hour. However, one cannot also brush off the fact that there is an immense shortage of good premium schools where children are taught the fundamentals of education. When they pass out of good institutions, their entire personality and their vision are transformed. Especially in underdeveloped countries, there is a high scarcity of developed and advanced schools. Not only this, but cost also creates hindrances and it `s one of the biggest hurdles in the path of children which eventually deprives them of education. In fact, it is one of the biggest factors why online education is much preferred than traditional school education. The lower and the middle-class students are left stranded just because their guardians just cannot afford to pay high tuition fees. The traditional schools charge hefty amounts unreasonably and with no option left, the parents who can afford the fee have to unwillingly or willingly pay for the benefit of their children. For the unfortunate children, there is no other option but to opt for the homeschooling.

In homeschooling, it`s the parents who take the responsibility of educating their children. Irrespective of whether they are qualified or not to teach their children, parents to take the responsibility of educating their children with whatever little knowledge or means they have. For these children, online education has arisen as a ray of hope. In the online education, the students just by using a computer and an internet connection are connected with subject expert teachers who offer them guidance and mentorship in their studies. Online high school education has emerged out to be a very suitable option for all the homeschooled children. Homeschooling has its own advantages and disadvantages. It`s true that a student is exposed to learning but at the same time parents who do not specialize in all the subjects are unable to render necessary information of respective subjects. So ultimately, the child is at the losing end. Whereas in online education, every child is under the guidance of teachers and they make sure that each and every student enrolled with the school prospers and shines in the long run. For instance, in FTA or Forest Trail Academy, there`s a separate login page for the students as well as the parents. Guardians can at any time avail the performance report of their child from the school staff. The school which is today one of the best online high school imparts online education to students from all over the world.

In order to back this claim of putting the online education at the higher level than traditional education, there are ample reasons to dignify this point. Let`s go through them in brief:

  • Convenience– in online education you do not have to commute to your school every day. Don’t have to rush yourself in the overcrowded buses, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning and get ready with those muddy eyes for the school and the biggest point you save considerable amount at the end of each year. The perks of online education when it comes to convenience are endless.
  • Flexibility– online education means you have the liberty to decide and set up your own study hours. The flexibility in the nature of these online schools has made it easy for the students to understand that every student who comes under the shelf of it. A student gets to listen to his lecture tutorial at any time of the day. He can jot down the notes from the lecture and report if any issue occurs in grasping the matter.
  • Self-discipline– online education teaches an individual the importance of discipline. When you are studying online, you have to be self-motivated and disciplined to complete all your coursework before the deadlines. To adhere to these deadlines, you will have to be very disciplined and focussed. Eventually, this self-motivation and discipline get in your personality and it stays for the rest of life. At the end of the day, discipline is the key to success in online education. In fact, in any field, you will have to be disciplined so as to thrive in the long run.


Forest Trail Academy is one of the most prestigious online homeschools today. The school is though based in the USA but it imparts education to students across the world via the internet. The school is approved as a private institution with the Florida Department of Education. It is a fully accredited school that renders education to children from Kindergarten till 12th grade. Also, note that it`s an accredited school which gives online high school diplomas and not graduate degrees.

Students who are enrolled in the school are exposed to an enhanced conductive open learning environment where they can learn under best mentors. The school staffs, on the other hand, make sure that every student is given an individualized attention which however also lacks in a traditional school. Since every student has his own pace of learning, the teachers do not impose any strict restrictions or deadlines on these students. Such an approach of the school towards a student creates favorable condition for the students.

Also, the school staff especially the teachers keep a close watch on the performance of every student. If a student lags or is facing some issues which are preventing him from performing to his fullest potential, all such endeavors are undertaken to resolve the queries of such students. Every student has a unique Id and password on the school`s login page, where he/she can possibly bring all their queries to the forefront.

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