Does The Quality Of Education Impact Your Child’s Future?

EDUCATION PLAYS IMPORTANT ROLE FOR THE SUCCESS The amount of money our government spends on education has always been phenomenal....

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Does The Quality Of Education Impact Your Child’s Future? 1


The amount of money our government spends on education has always been phenomenal. In fact, certain statistics currently peg that figure at around 14 percent of all expenditures combined together – that of federal, state and local governments. Additionally, private schools too, are doing their part of imparting education to our children, which raises the question – Why then, do we need online homeschooling systems? Are our current education systems proving to be insufficient? If not, then why is there a sudden urgency to adopt online learning systems all across the United States?The quality of education imparted to our children plays a very important role in their future success. After all, school does serve as the incubator for their future endeavors. But does a high school diploma serve as an appropriate barometer of their success in learning what they need to in school? Does it really ensure or offer any sort of guarantees that students will do well after they graduate? Absolutely not! By no means does a diploma or a degree ensure or even offer a glimpse into the possible potential of a student’s future success. At most, it assures us of a student’s academic abilities. It certainly does not offer us any insights whatsoever into the student’s potential to perform at the workplace. Whether the candidate has the right skill sets will need to be ascertained using methods that go beyond the academic, and that is where online schools come in.


There are several factors that play an important role in deciding the quality of education a student receives. The teacher-student ratio certainly is a major influential factor. Our traditional schools have been falling short of expectations primarily due to the workload being dumped on teachers that is causing them to be ineffective. Furthermore, having to deal with more than their fair share, several teachers have recently quit the profession and turned toward other more lucrative opportunities. Is it any wonder why our children are falling behind and failing to keep up with international standards? Delivering quality education is the first step in helping students develop world-class skill sets. With increasing globalization, our children need to develop skills comparable with those available in other parts of the world. The viability of off-shoring has to be offset with the availability of homegrown skills that are needed in the corporate world.

Going abroad to find the necessary skills shouldn’t be a reason for companies to offshore their work. Why can’t our children be taught at the same level as students from other parts of the world? The United States was once considered to be the foremost destination for students seeking foreign education. Sadly, we have relinquished that title in recent years. So, how do we get back on track? Online learning solutions seem to have all the answers we’ve been looking for. The level of education being imparted in schools can no longer be measured by standardized tests alone. Their viability in terms of providing access to opportunities in the real world needs to be evaluated. A high schools diploma certainly does not hold the same weight it did even a decade ago. We need to get in touch with the ground realities and the truth is online homeschooling offers our children better opportunities and that too, at a fraction of the cost of traditional schooling.


Educational attainment cannot be the sole measure of success, or the measure of future success. It is one’s skill sets that decide the possibility for future success in the real world, and that is dependent on the kind of facilities available to students in school. Online schools offer students access to a world of opportunity that traditional schools never could. Along with flexibility and a greater number of options, being able to study online has certain benefits that cannot be overlooked. The teacher-student ratio for one is highly efficient. Moreover, since courses are administered online, devoting individual attention is much easier and students have reported a remarkable increase in their confidence levels when spared an environment with the possibility of ridicule.

Questioning by students is encouraged and having access to an environment that allows them to do that freely opens up more room for thorough understanding of their course material. Interactive study material that is geared toward the holistic development of a child rather than just focusing on the objective of attaining a desirable test score is one of the greatest benefits online homeschooling has to offer. Since the entire learning system is based on the internet, students have access to teachers from other parts of the country, which increases access to better quality instruction irrespective of geographic location. Online learning platforms facilitate the seamless integration of students and teachers from different parts of the world at an astonishingly affordable cost when compared with traditional schooling. The added flexibility of being able to schedule your study time according to your own convenience makes for an even more viable alternative to traditional schooling systems.


While ensuring your child earns his or her high school diploma is an important responsibility every parent shoulders, it can no longer be used as a means to measure a child’s success. The quality of education students receive certainly plays a vital role in their overall development and could prove to be the major difference between the average and the ones who make it big. The deficit of skills at the workplace needs to be bridged and the only way we can achieve that is by setting up more online schools across the country. With the affordability of such schools and the remarkable improvement witnessed in students’ scores, parents and teachers can now breathe a sigh of relief. They finally have access to an efficient learning system that not only assures their child of an opportunity to earn a high school diploma but also offers them a chance at developing vital skills necessary to succeed at the workplace. The question is – Does the quality of education impact your child’s future? You bet it does.

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