Debate on Effectiveness of Online Schooling Vs Traditional

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ONLINE AND TRADITIONAL CLASS ROOM While the debate on the effectiveness of online high schools versus traditional...

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Debate on Effectiveness of Online Schooling Vs Traditional 1


While the debate on the effectiveness of online high schools versus traditional learning environments continues, it is worth noting that there has been another discussion that academicians have been indulging in on the sidelines. This debate pertains to the effectiveness of online education for middle school and elementary school students. There have been extensive research studies conducted that verify the positive impact online learning has had on the lives of our students. This is in fact one of the key reasons why educators have now started contemplating the widespread use of such learning methodologies for younger students too. With high school dropout rates in the United States being a major concern, it seems our educational system is seeking to address the issue at the grassroots.


During research studies conducted, students cited various reasons for dropping out of high school ranging from financial constraints to just plain boredom. While certain issues need to be tackled on an individual basis, more widespread ones such as boredom need serious attention. After all, that is no reason for a child to drop out of school, let alone give up the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Online middle schools and online elementary schools have attempted to tackle this problem head-on by employing a diverse range of online courses. Not only are they attempting to provide students with a variety of options but they are also doing a great job of getting students more interested in their education. Online Schooling is giving a chance for the dropouts to earn the credits. At the end of the day, their education isn’t just about a diploma or a degree; it is their first stepping stone into their future.


Young children are extremely impressionable, which makes teaching them at that age much easier. Older students, like grownups, tend to have little more difficulty grasping concepts that may be contrary to what they’ve been taught as children. With constantly evolving technology, the way we impart education today may soon become obsolete at some point in the future. That is the eventuality we need to prepare our children for. There is absolutely no telling what the future holds for them, which is why the better prepared they are, the better their chances of leading a good life. Ensuring they earn their online high school diplomas is one way to provide them with a good foundation. While there are many paths to achieving success in life, none of them undermine the need for a good quality education. Imbibing a sense of true learning in our children at a young age is essential if they are to carry that habit along for the rest of their lives.

Online high schools have conventionally given a lot of impetus to independent learning. This essentially forms the core foundation of online education platforms. While that makes sense for older students who are capable of learning on their own, how would that work for younger students? What about toddlers? These are logical questions that need to be answered before any parent can even think about exploring the possibility of enrolling their child with an online middle school or online elementary school. While concerns associated with such learning platforms are certainly much more for younger students, the good news is that these newfangled learning environments are well-prepared to cater to their educational needs. In fact, the results of several studies conducted may even surprise a number of parents.


Research has shown that younger students from middle school and elementary school do not find it as hard to adapt to online learning methodologies as was anticipated. In fact, they took to them much more easily since they were already exposed to similar environments at home. To illustrate this point, consider an everyday example most of us have probably come across at some point in our daily lives. Have you ever seen a five year old play around with a smartphone? Have you noticed the ease with which they are able to explore the different features of the phone? What about the fear or tedium of having to deal with something new? Now compare your observations with a similar situation in which you may have observed an older student or even an adult. Do you notice the stark differences?

Younger children including toddlers experience absolutely no fear when exploring something new. In fact, they seem to be filled with eagerness and excitement, which is usually quite the opposite with adults. One of the primary reasons cited by psychologists for this is that as adults, we have been conditioned to think and act in certain ways, which makes breaking those habits difficult. Young children, on the other hand, are just about to enter that phase where they can be conditioned. This leaves them open to exploring new things and excited about new experiences. To have the maximum impact on a child’s developmental process, it is vital that we teach them what’s important at that age. This is what online middle schools and online elementary schools have understood and are aiming to put in place an efficient system that does precisely that.

Helping our young ones learn habits that will hold them in good stead in the future when times get rough is a great for us to fulfill our responsibility toward them. As parents and as educators, it is our job to prepare them for what lies ahead and ensuring they cultivate a habit that involves constant learning is absolutely vital if they are to succeed. In a world plagued by uncertainty, we can never be sure of what the future holds, but we can make sure our children are equipped to take care of themselves no matter what the circumstances. Holding on to old school ideas and conventional ways of doing things may seem like a safe bet in the short term. But will they be able to sustain our children in the long run? Breaking away from everything we’ve been taught through online learning may seem hard for most adults.

However, the key here is to explore the most fundamental question – Whose future are we talking about here?

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