Can the GED Test be Done Online?

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Can the GED Test be Done Online?

You can get all the necessary info about getting a GED credential online from Forest Trail Academy. You cannot take the official GED test online. This test is offered by ACE. Only an authorized testing center administers the official GED test. You should take the official GED test must in person. You cannot take the official GED® test online from any high school or college. There are some online scams that offer fake GED® online. These institutes might offer online GED tests. You should know that these institutes are not genuine ones. When it comes to earning an online high school diploma, you do have online options.

Online education has gained a good deal of popularity over the past decade. Students who want to further their education can earn a high school diploma. Also, they can take a GED® PREP course or earn a College Degree online. This can be done as long as the school or college issuing the credential is accredited by an agency. This agency must have the US Department of Education recognized accreditation. Forest Trail Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), the MSA CESS and many other top accreditors.

Students who are looking for a GED® must contact their State Department of Education or a Local Community college. This way they can explore available GED® options. If you are looking for an accredited high school diploma online, make sure to choose a school that can confirm that it has government recognized accreditation. You must also check online schools out with the Better Business Bureau.

There are many fake and unaccredited schools that are being shut down. This is happening due to the efforts of the US Legal System. Keep in mind that the count of fake online schools is greater than the count of real schools. Keeping this in mind, you must do your homework. Do all the research and find yourself a legitimate accredited school or GED® testing center.

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