Can the GED Test Be Taken Online? Understanding Your Options for Earning High School Equivalency

1. The GED Test: An Overview The GED (General Educational Development) test is a widely recognized high school equivalency exam....
Can the GED Test Be Taken Online? Understanding Your Options for Earning High School Equivalency

1. The GED Test: An Overview

The GED (General Educational Development) test is a widely recognized high school equivalency exam. It assesses your knowledge and skills in four subject areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. Passing the GED test demonstrates that you have the academic skills equivalent to a high school graduate.

2. Can the GED Test Be Taken Online?

While many educational opportunities have moved online, the official GED test itself cannot be taken entirely online. The official GED test is administered by GED Testing Service and must be taken in person at an authorized testing center. However, there are online options for preparing for the GED test and earning a high school diploma.

2.1. Official Online Proctored GED Test

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GED Testing Service introduced an Online Proctored GED Test in select states and U.S. territories. This option allows eligible students to take the GED test from home while being monitored by an online proctor. You can learn more about the Online Proctored GED Test on the GED website:

2.2. Online GED Prep Courses

Several reputable online platforms offer comprehensive GED prep courses. These courses provide study materials, practice tests, and personalized instruction to help you prepare for the in-person GED test.

3. Accredited Online High School Diplomas: An Alternative to the GED

If you’re looking for a fully online option to earn a high school equivalency credential, consider an accredited online high school diploma. These programs offer a flexible and accessible way to complete your high school education and earn a diploma recognized by colleges and employers.

Forest Trail Academy, for example, is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED) and the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA CESS), among other reputable accrediting agencies. You can learn more about their accredited online high school program on their website:

4. Beware of Online Scams

It’s crucial to be cautious of online scams that offer fake GED certificates or claim to administer the official GED test online. These fraudulent entities often prey on unsuspecting individuals seeking a quick and easy way to earn a credential.

To avoid falling victim to a scam, always verify the accreditation of any online institution you consider. You can do this by checking with the U.S. Department of Education or your state’s Department of Education. You can also consult the Better Business Bureau for information about the school’s reputation.

5. Finding Legitimate Online Education Options

If you’re interested in earning a high school equivalency credential online, here are some resources to help you find legitimate options:

  • GED Testing Service: The official website for the GED test:
  • Your State Department of Education: Contact your state’s Department of Education for information on GED testing centers and online high school programs.
  • Local Community Colleges: Many community colleges offer GED prep courses and information on the GED test.

While the official GED test cannot be taken entirely online, there are several legitimate online options to consider when pursuing a high school equivalency credential. The first option is to explore the availability of the Online Proctored GED Test in your state. This relatively new option allows you to take the GED test from the comfort and familiarity of your own home while still maintaining the integrity of the testing process through online proctoring.

If the Online Proctored GED Test is not available in your state, or if you prefer a more structured learning environment, then accredited online high schools offer a viable alternative. These programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with GED testing standards, and many reputable online high schools even offer dedicated GED prep courses to ensure students are well-prepared for the test. The flexibility of online high schools allows you to complete coursework at your own pace and on your own schedule, making them a suitable option for busy adults or individuals with non-traditional learning styles.

No matter which path you choose, be sure to thoroughly research any online program or testing center before enrolling. Verification of accreditation is essential to ensure that your earned credential will be recognized and respected by colleges, employers, and other institutions.

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