Can Online Learning Be The New Path to Entrepreneurship?

As we embark upon a new year, there are several thoughts that come to mind. These thoughts are usually about...

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Can Online Learning Be The New Path to Entrepreneurship? 1

As we embark upon a new year, there are several thoughts that come to mind. These thoughts are usually about how the past year has gone by and thoughts about what the future holds for us. As the economy and job growth take center stage, a lot of attention has been cast toward online learning.

It is no secret that today we need more entrepreneurs than employees. We need more businesses that create jobs rather than employees seeking jobs. Amidst all the changes taking place around the world, have we stopped to ask ourselves an important question – Where are we heading?


With digital platforms getting more and more importance, it is absolutely clear that online K-12 courses are the way forward. These courses are beneficial to our children in so many ways. Not only do they help overcome several challenges faced by our traditional education system but they also help our students go much beyond the usual learning curve. In a digital age, that can prove to be extremely useful in helping our children overcome their fear of the unknown.

While change can be a hard thing, it can also hold a lot of promise. Online schools have been growing rapidly over the last decade mainly due to increased demand from students for independent learning. It’s true that several students have employed online learning along with their regular course of study. But their increased acceptance of the learning methodologies and their increased appetite for independent learning suggest their desire to pursue online avenues as standalone options.

Several schools offer a wide range of online K-12 courses that make online platforms extremely versatile. While students have the freedom to choose individual courses they wish to study, they can also opt for online learning as a standalone option. Degrees and diplomas earned from accredited online schools are widely accepted by colleges and universities, as well as when pursuing employment opportunities.


If the digital revolution isn’t enough to convince you to opt for online schools, consider the numerous other factors that work in your favor. For starters, the costs associated with online avenues are only a fraction of those associated with setting up conventional schools. With education costs increasing, this is a major factor that works in your favor.

The next most important aspect is access to qualified teachers. This is an important factor that determines the setting up of a traditional school, and can sometimes prove to be the main reason for not setting up one. With online schools, students can interact with qualified teaching professionals from practically any part of the world. Not only does this work in favor of students but it also helps teachers have access to a much larger student base beyond physical boundaries.

In an online high school, students have the flexibility to alter the pace of learning. This has proved to be immensely beneficial since boredom has been cited as the major factor for students dropping out of school. Being unable to cope with the overall pace of learning set for the entire class causes students to lose interest and eventually perform poorly.

Such students have shown remarkable progress with e-learning systems primarily due to the level of independence provided to them. They no longer feel the pressure to cope with their peers and are free to pose questions in an environment that is free from public ridicule. When looked at in a holistic manner, such online avenues provide students with an environment that is conducive to learning as opposed to studying just for the sake of grades.

Time is another important factor that plays an important role in deciding whether to opt for online learning. As the pace of life keeps increasing, it has become extremely vital that we manage what time we have in an efficient manner. All things considered, it cannot be denied that traveling does take its toll on our energy levels and most certainly affects our productivity. However, when online avenues are employed, they can save us a lot of time in addition to the money spent on travel.

While there are several additional benefits of using e-learning, these are only some of the important ones for you to consider. As a side note, it is absolutely vital that you pick an accredited online school when enrolling for online K-12 courses. Selecting a school with the right accreditation can make all the difference when you are awarded your high school diploma.


Once you understand the numerous advantages online platforms have to offer, it isn’t difficult to connect the dots. E-learning platforms help nurture a sense of independence in our children at a very young age. For entrepreneurs, this is the most important core value. It helps them think for themselves as opposed to subscribe to a predefined school of thought. When trying to move forward, it is more important to try and envision what could be rather than focus on what has been.

While the past is important, reflecting on it should only serve as a guide to building a brighter future. Online learning also offers students the freedom they need to explore their course material more thoroughly. The benefit of having this freedom cannot be overstated. In an age characterized by rapid changes, this freedom can make all the difference when providing children with the confidence to explore uncharted territory versus watching them resign to the familiar.

Entrepreneurs need to be bold and they need to find their own path. By helping them learn on their own at a very young age, e-learning platforms help instill in them the confidence they need and a sense of self-reliance. In the long run, this is sure to help them develop the right skills they need to survive in a tough competitive environment.

With a new year ahead of us, we can only hope to nurture the bright, young entrepreneurs of the future!

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