Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Virtual High School?

If you are the parent of a typical teenage student who is addicted to his/her computer screen, you might be...

If you are the parent of a typical teenage student who is addicted to his/her computer screen, you might be afraid of the idea of virtual high schooling. Certainly, your child needs to limit screen time and there need to be proper ground rules to keep your child under control. You need to be aware of the various myths plus facts surrounding online high schooling.

Here are some common myths surrounding virtual high schools:

Online High School is too easy for your child
This is a false one. Instructors usually report that creating online challenging courses enable students to reach their true potential. This is an effective way to present the study material. Students usually learn reading plus writing skills. Also, they gain a good deal of self-discipline while enrolled in virtual courses.

Online schools are not accredited
Just like conventional schools, certain online schools may not really be accredited. Most of the online high school courses are required to meet a similar set of high standards as traditional school courses to be certified and legitimate. A good number of online schools are nationally and regionally accredited. However, you must do your research work before you zero in on a specific online high school.

Employers and Colleges will not detect a virtual high school diploma
This is a false one again. When some employers require educated about online schools, other people recognize that the skills students get through online learning are highly valuable. Some common skills are time-management, self-discipline, punctuality, self-control, self-motivation, sense of ownership, etc. Most colleges tend to accept diplomas from accredited online high schools.

Cheating happens in a virtual high school
It has to be kept in mind that cheating can happen at any place. However, certified teachers are aware of methods to keep a few steps ahead of students who try to violate the entire honor system. They use software programs to detect plagiarism.

Online homeschooling provides various opportunities for students to connect with their teachers and one another. Students can easily talk to their certified teachers through email, Skype, chat, etc. Online high school courses are inclusive of various group projects. There are many students who feel too shy to come up in front of the class and speak up in a traditional classroom. It is easier for them to indulge in online discussions. Genuine online high schools provide a strong sense of community through an active online community with various extracurricular activities.

Here are some common benefits of virtual high schools:

There is no school year
A conventional school calendar usually runs from September to early June. This time period involves various school vacations, teacher workshops, holidays and early release days. In a virtual school learning environment, you do not have to adhere to this type of learning schedule. As an online school student, you can pretty much create a calendar that truly works for them and their families.

Open Enrollment
The usual rush to enroll or pick classes before the commencement of the school year does not really exist. Students can pretty much enroll whenever and wherever. They just need a few clicks to go ahead.

Less number of obstacles
A student who is enrolled in an online high school has fewer obstacles to hurdle while trying to earn an online school degree. The online student needs not to rely on a school bus to attend a class. He/she does not have to attend any physical class. Thus, he/she is saved from traveling in bad weather conditions.He/she can learn right from the comfort of his/her home.

Form your learning pace
A student who is expected to learn within the expectations of someone else may have a hard time understanding their course work. Thus, he/she may find it challenging to keep up. At the same time, a student may find themselves being held back if their learning rate is too fast. In order to deal with such cases, a student decides to enroll in an online virtual high school. In this learning environment, he/she can learn at his/her own pace. Thus, he/she can gain a solid understanding of the subject/s.

There are set of standards
An online high school experience revolves around various standards plus competencies. Usually, these are held constant and there is no unpredictability. For earning credit from an online high school, a student is required to master various standards and course-related competencies.

Learn whenever
There is no fixed learning time-frame in a virtual school environment. For many students with other work commitments, learning between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. might not be feasible. After all, some students might be working on a part-time basis to deal with financial incompetence. A virtual online high school enables such students to learn when they want and where they want. They can do the learning at midnight or at any other time zone. It is all up to the online learner.

Allowing the students to know what they want
There are many students who remain clueless while learning in a traditional school. This is because most times they follow a set routine and schedule. They do not have any say here. Thus, they are not made to think about whether they truly prefer dealing with a particular subject or not. Also, in a traditional high school, students are enabled to choose courses within the limits of a course booklet. This means that they are limited in what they can learn. Also, there are times when these courses tend to fill up quickly. This pretty much leaves some students to search at other places. On the other hand, a virtual online high school allows a student to deal with a vast range of course work which may not be offered in a conventional school setting.

Personalized Attention
In a virtual learning environment, students get what they need. And, most students wish for a personalized form of learning. They want attention from their teachers. An online school setting enables students to open up and address their personal doubts and queries to their teachers.

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