Why An Online High School Diploma Is Better Than A GED?

A high school diploma is mandatory today. Your career suffers a great deal when you do not have a high...

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Why An Online High School Diploma Is Better Than A GED? 1

A high school diploma is mandatory today. Your career suffers a great deal when you do not have a high school diploma, no matter how talented you are. In case you were not able to earn a high school diploma in your high-school age, you can still try for one! Thanks to accredited online high schools, you now have the chance to earn a legitimate online high school diploma. And the best thing is that you can work this online course out with your current full-time or part-time job. After all, this is the reason flexibility is always in high demand!

You can even take the General Educational Development (GED) test. It apparently works the same as an online high school diploma. But, when you go deep, things are pretty different in both cases.

But, there are major differences between the two. You must try to know about both before making your final decision regarding taking high school classes.

Eligibility criteria
For a GED, you are required to meet state requirements. Age wise, you need to be older than 16. You should not be currently enrolled in high school. You should not have already finished high school.

For an online high school diploma, there is no age factor. Your personal circumstances are not really an issue here. This option is available for all, high-school age students as well as adults who are working part-time or full-time.

Getting the credentials
The GED comprises of a series of tests. These tests usually cover mathematics, science, writing, interpreting literature and social studies. In order to pass, you need to receive a score that is higher than 60% of the scores of the present graduating seniors. In the case of an online high school, the diploma is earned by earning the required amount of credited units. You need to give more time and effort here since you not only take tests but also have to submit homework. You would also have to take part in certain online activities such as collaborative projects, discussion forums etc.


A legitimate high school diploma is widely accepted
The weight and value of a legitimate high school diploma are unparalleled. There is no shortcut to attaining a legitimate high school diploma. An online high school diploma is equivalent to a traditional high school diploma, provided the online high school is regionally accredited. There is no other shortcut! A GED is nothing compared to a high school diploma.

Some community colleges might accept a GED as an equivalent of the high school diploma. But the real top-tier institutions won’t do the same. For them, an accredited high school diploma is ideal, whether attained online or conventionally. A regionally-accredited online high school, such as the Forest Trail Academy, requires the students to work in a challenging learning environment. Thus, a high school diploma from this online school is sheer proof of the child’s potential and credibility. And any college, being concerned about its reputation, will take students who are really deserving and meticulous. Thus, most of the colleges are of the opinion that a student who earns his diploma from an accredited online high school, is well-prepared and groomed for the academic challenges of college. Some colleges might require the student to take the SATs though.

Better chances to land with a good job
There is no denying that online high school students stand a good chance of landing a decent-paying job. Most of the online high school students have taken multiple courses or certain exclusive courses online that add weight to their resume. It is a huge boost for the students in the competitive job sector.

The thing is that the top employers will prefer to take candidates who have been genuinely serious about their studies. An online high school diploma is clear proof that they have shown great interest in completing their education well. Most of them have a strong academic foundation as well. This is not really the case for students who have taken GED. An online high school diploma clearly proves that the student is ambitious, determined and self-independent when it comes to learning. On top of that, there is a good deal of stigma with GEDs. This is more so when it comes to the job sector.

Having a sense of achievement
A high school diploma is not only proof to others but proof to yourself of your credibility! When you have a high school diploma from an accredited online high school, you can cherish it throughout your life! It gives you a sense of totality and a sense of achievement as well. It instills confidence in you. Most importantly, your online high school not only shape up your career but shape up your personality as well. Thus, overall development takes place.

You get to learn so many life-skills in an online high school. The common ones include the sense of ownership, self-discipline, self-motivation, determination, consistency, family values etc. Thus, it impacts your personality, giving you a wholesome learning experience. This is not the case for GED test takers!

Getting incentives and promotion
An online high school diploma is not only helpful in getting you a job but also helps you in getting incentives and promotions. After working for a company for a certain number of years, you might crave for a promotion or a remarkable hike. These are only granted to you if you have taken your high school classes and secured a diploma!

Get the scope to avail more career opportunities
Of course, you are open to many career opportunities when you have an online high school diploma in your pocket! Every field or job requires you to have attained a basic degree of education and a high school diploma is just that! Moreover, if you have passed advanced courses while taking online classes, it is sure to take you to higher places!

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