U.S. High School Diploma (International Programs)

American High School Diploma Programs For International Students Forest Trail Academy offers Internationally Accredited American High School Diploma Programs for...

American High School Diploma Programs For International Students

Forest Trail Academy offers Internationally Accredited American High School Diploma Programs for students around the world. All International students are welcome to enroll in our online school education program which is fully accredited US school curriculum. The students who are enrolled with our international program get a major benefit to earn an official US high school diploma without having to travel to the United States. The international programs will reduce the efforts of travelling to the United States and expenses incurred on Students visa (I-20), travel arrangements and accommodation arrangements. Our partnership Universities allow the International students to make up the University credits and the actual University degree by enrolling in to our school.

A Student Can Enroll For This Course As A Stand-Alone Education Program Or As A Dual Diploma Program.

As a stand-alone program, you can instantly create your own program offering American high school diplomas. It is also extremely cost effective as you do not have high startup cost as a traditional business. All you need is a location, computers, internet access, and support staff.

As a dual diploma program, students continue their country’s education while simultaneously enrolled in our school. Another very important benefit is that most American universities will accept the international student (with an American high school diploma) without requiring the TOEFL or IELTS exams.

Official Records:
International students must provide an appropriately authenticated official transcript issued by a governmental authority. Transcripts not in U.S. equivalency must be translated through a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) approved translating service.

Students who plan to study overseas need to prepare themselves to do so. By taking online courses, students can experience the American education system (classes, curriculum, students, and teachers) long before landing in the United States.

Forest Trail Academy is accredited by the from Cognia, Middle States Association commission on Elementary and Middle Schools (MSA-CESS), Accreditation International (AI), and National Council for Private Schools Accreditation (NCPSA). We are a State of Florida registered private school.

Applying to University in America can be extremely competitive. By having American high school course credits, students increase their marketability when applying to colleges and universities.

Accredited: Accredited coursework can be used towards obtaining a high school diploma.

Convenient: Receive American high school credits without having to move abroad.

Inexpensive: When compared to the cost of moving abroad to study, Forest Trail Academy online education is inexpensive.

After you have graduated from Forest Trail Academy online school with a high school diploma Certification, you can then decide to travel to the United States to continue your University studies. The option is still there to continue and earn a Bachelors Degree Certification- without leaving your home country.

We are providing you with access, options, and empowering you to take control of your education and your future. You now have the same opportunities as any student living in the United States of America.

Before enrolling for our Internationally Accredited American High School Diploma Programs if you have any questions then please contact our Admissions Advisor who will assist with the enrollment process and help you by selecting classes after understanding the purpose and goal for your career.

You can also reach us on call at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501.


Ai Accreditation
Cognia (Formerly AdvancED)





Acceptance Letter From Nova Southeastern University
Acceptance Letter From Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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