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ONLINE SCHOOLING UNRAVELING THE METHODS OF TRADITIONAL SCHOOLING Online schooling is nothing like traditional schooling methods. The usual classroom and...

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Online schooling is nothing like traditional schooling methods. The usual classroom and physical books we’ve all grown up with don’t exist anymore. Everything’s digital now. What that essentially means is that students are no longer confined to a physical four-walled classroom and don’t need to drag around their backpack with them anymore. With an online environment that’s completely web-based, they can log in to their course material anytime they want. Online courses eliminate the need for conventional books. Not only is this more convenient but it is also more economical for students and their parents, and reduces distribution costs drastically. Online schooling brought a revolutionary change in the teaching methodologies and methods that completely overdo the methods of traditional schools. Of the many factors that influence the setting up of a traditional school, this one plays a pivotal role. After all, it is such factors that make the setting up of virtual schools very viable solutions.

While traditional schools have served their purpose over the last few decades, they do have certain drawbacks. Not many people may care to admit it, but it’s true. With technological innovation and new ways of thinking emerging, holding on to old school ideas is not an option anymore. Those who choose to operate solely on the basis of traditional ideas may soon find themselves falling behind. That’s because we aren’t doing things in the same manner as we did before. Consider the Mom ‘n Pop stores that once dotted the landscape of every city. When was the last time you saw one? What about the numerous S&Ls that once existed? Where are most of them today? The truth is we are rapidly evolving as a society and as a result, our needs and wants are changing as well. We need solutions that work for us today; solutions that will prepare our children for the future.


Online schooling isn’t just another way of imparting education; it is an entirely new methodology. The way students are taught and the manner in which knowledge is transferred makes it a revolutionary platform for our education system. The important aspect here is knowing how to leverage this platform to deliver better results. While online programs have delivered significant improvements in high school graduation rates, they aren’t for everyone. Online courses do offer a significant amount of versatility but along with it comes a certain degree of responsibility as well. This responsibility is distributed between teachers, students and their parents. Knowing how to use this platform to help students achieve better results is a lot more important than just knowing how the platform works.

Virtual schools provide students with an engaging environment; one that involves a lot of interaction. As a result, students are more involved and are encouraged to explore their course material in a much more comprehensive manner. While conventional schooling methods allow for this, they do so in a restricted manner. This has often been cited as the reason for boredom and has ultimately contributed to students dropping out of school. While online learning avenues do provide for increased interaction, they are by no means a solution for a student’s behavioral issues. Most parents believe in enrolling their child with an online school as a measure to resolve issues being faced in a traditional school. This may only make it worse. Online environments provide students with a course curriculum that is just as rigorous as traditional schooling, if not harder.

Studying online requires a lot of independent learning on the part of the student. While teachers are present to provide necessary guidance, responsibility is shared equally by the child’s parents. They are responsible for providing the required supervision at home and ensuring their child sticks to the stipulate timelines for completion of their coursework. If a child exhibits behavioral issues in a traditional environment, chances are the magnitude of those issues will only increase when transitioned to an online environment. Online schooling provides students with a high degree of flexibility that helps improve the education process. However, if misused, it can have detrimental effects on a child’s progress. Simply put, it is akin to operating a piece of machinery without really reading the operation manual.


For students seeking to pursue other professional avenues such as sports or music, virtual schools are great platforms that help them do that. They are provided with the freedom to enroll for part-time online courses or adopt online learning as a full-time option. Studying online as per their own convenience allows them to focus on their professional careers without hampering their education. Online avenues are a wonderful platform for working professionals too. The last few years have witnessed an increasing number of working professionals go back to school to earn their high school diplomas. Additionally, many are enrolling for professional courses to help further their careers. This serves as a very viable option since they have the flexibility to plan their study schedules around their work timings. Moreover, the freedom to study online eliminates the need for them to travel to school from their workplace.

Overall, online programs are great tools that can be leveraged to help improve our overall education system. Recent research studies too, have proved that students graduating from online schools show increased levels of confidence when compared with their traditional counterparts. There are several good schools that provide you with courses online. If you are careful enough and carry out your due diligence before enrolling with one, the final results can be extremely rewarding. Certain key aspects need to be verified such as a school’s accreditation, the kind of platform it provides, teaching faulty, its support staff and other miscellaneous factors in order to prevent any untoward experiences. The issue with diploma mills is one such incident that comes to mind. There will always be incidents where a system is misused. It is up to us to be aware and check the important facts before jumping into anything.

The process of choosing an online learning platform is much like everything else. You always carry out your own research before buying a house. Why should this be any different?

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