Tips for Online Student Success: 5 Ways Parents Can Help

Here are the 5 top ways parents can help their child succeed in an online school: By staying involved Just...
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Tips for Online Student Success: 5 Ways Parents Can Help

Here are the 5 top ways parents can help their child succeed in an online school:

  • By staying involved
    Just like conventional high schools, there are many online high schools that have methods in place for parents to engage with instructors conveniently. At many virtual schools, teachers are available by email and phone. Also, parents are encouraged to check in at certain times under the online school account of their child to review course materials, grade books, instructor announcements and assignment feedback.
    Often, it is advised for parents to schedule monthly appointments to go ahead and discuss the pace as well as progress of their child’s education. Also, in these appointments, students can go ahead and address any opportunities for advancement. It is certainly important for parents to stay involved. It shows to your child that you have a genuine interest in their education. Certainly, this can directly impact their overall success by strengthening their self-confidence.
  • By motivating your kids toward success
    There are many students who are pursuing an online education through schools that come with various customized learning programs. Often, these programs have a sense of control because they can choose when, how and where they learn. Students can go ahead and take ownership of their education. It is likely to inspire a strong sense of motivation. And, parents can help a lot here.

    Motivation does not have to just involve working for big goals. Even focusing on small goals is important when it comes to the child’s growth. When the online school student meets his short-term goals, parents can reward them in various ways. Make sure to praise them for their genuine efforts and accomplishments. However, try not to over-praise! Providing various incentives and celebrating small achievements certainly shows your child that you are proud of the work they are doing. Certainly, it makes sure that their efforts are well-noticed.

  • Teach your child the benefits of education
    You might not be a professional teacher yourself. But, you can still teach many little things to your child that can actually help him/her in the long run. Make sure to teach your child the various benefits of an education. Your children are likely to know that they have to go to school. However, they might not properly understand the actual reason behind it. As a responsible parent, you can explain how it can affect their future. This can certainly motivate them to succeed.

    Make sure to help your child realize the significance of an education. This is likely to set them up for a healthy work ethic that is likely to carry them through to their careers eventually.

  • Create a healthy learning environment

    Because your child would not be in a conventional school setting, they are likely to need an area of their own where they can focus without much distractions. They should be able to focus greatly on their coursework and study without many distractions. The very first step is to figure out where they learn best. Some common options are home, library, community center, cafeteria, park etc. You certainly would not be able to control the environment of a public place. If you want to have control the learning environment, the best option is to study from home. At home, you can certainly create your very own unique space. 

    However, you should make sure that the space consists of some vital equipment such as a computer, a nearby printer and strong internet access. Make sure that the unique study space if free from distractions. Do not set up your space in a high-traffic or an area of the house. Go for comfortable surroundings. Make sure that they have sufficient room and a cozy place to sit. This way they can focus in a proper manner. A daily workspace will certainly help instill structure plus consistency in their regular study habits.

  • Communicate openly
    This is an important one. Your online school student needs to communicate with their teachers, parents and peers on a frequent basis. This is important for student success. In order to learn effectively, online school students need to talk about and ask various questions about their lessons. They need to know exactly who to speak with. Also, they should have a clear idea as to how to contact them for help. Your kid might be scared to reach out to you or his/her teacher when help is required. 

    Since help is not really a natural habit, parents need to work closely with their student in order to help them build the confidence to ask for help whenever required. In addition, parents should not hesitate to call or email the teacher of their student. Doing so, they might miss out on some good pieces of advice on student progress.

    Most online school teachers tend to communicate student progress to parents on a frequent basis. Teachers are usually aware that in an online high school environment, students are likely to feel isolated if there is no frequent communication. Parents should also know this and take necessary measures. They should monitor that their children are adequately taking part in the system. Online school teachers are required to keep lines of communication open with parents as well as students. Parents should also be willing to communicate openly about student progress and performance. There has to be frequent communication between parents and school staff. This certainly helps when progress reports or report cards go home.

    You must make sure that your student attends all scheduled online meetings. A good deal of communication and interaction with teachers and various other students helps online students feel less isolated. Also, it enables them to look forward to attending more online classes.

    As the parent of an online high school student, you should be aware of the tools and services that are provided by the online school to your student. Prepare well. When you know how to help your student, your student can easily navigate the world of virtual learning.

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