The Real Reason Your School Doesn’t Work

For students to become truly independent, they need to put effort and do more when it comes to getting ready...

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The Real Reason Your School Doesn’t Work 1

The Real Reason Your School Doesn’t Work

For students to become truly independent, they need to put effort and do more when it comes to getting ready for life than just attend school regularly. Although enhancements are continuously being introduced to the USA’s educational system, it’s still not practically enough.

Here are the top reasons why your traditional school does not work:

The child’s problem-solving skills are hampered
Most of the teachers in the conventional school environment tend to spoon-feed the students. When a student comes across a difficult topic, he/she is not given enough time to research the topic on his/her own. Thus, it does not help in sharpening his problem-solving skills. He/she gets dependent on the teacher in most of the study-related issues. Moreover, this trait leads to the suppression of the creative side of the student’s real personality. Even worse, they seldom come to identify their personal strengths.

Too much favoritism affects some children
In the conventional school setting, most teachers show favoritism. This is truly more unfortunate than it sounds. It leads to the destruction of the student’s personalities in most cases. Most times, students tend to feel incompetent and even talent-less. This often leads to insecurities, self-loathing and other inferior feelings in some sensitive students who tend to worry a lot. Thus, in any study environment, it is important for teachers to treat every student equally.

Too many extracurricular activities can hamper the course flow
Of course, extracurricular activities are great to shape up the overall personality of any student. However, too many extracurricular activities can turn out to be bothersome since it might lead to a lack of interest in studies in the students. Mainly, the student might lose a good deal of concentration on their studies. When there are too many extra-curricular activities, the student is likely to have a hard time while keeping a balance between his/her course and the array of extracurricular activities. It gets worse when the student has a highly unconventional lifestyle.

Involvement in negative groups
Many believe that traditional schools allow students to socialize well since they are made to learn in large classes or groups. However, effective socialization occurs seldom in the conventional school setting. Thus, it is highly likely for most students to indulge in certain negative peer groups. When a child is a part of a negative group, it is likely to hamper his/her personal as well as academic growth. The worst part is that most of these negative factors grow without being apparent.

Too expensive
Overall, it can be said that traditional education is expensive. In usual, the traditional private school tuition fee is high. Additionally, textbooks, as well as other stuff, can turn out to be pretty costly. Also, additional charges might include library membership fees, a science club entry fee, etc.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of studying in a conventional school in the present times. Bullying can not only arrest the academic growth of a student, but it can affect his/her overall personality growth as well. Some students are so sensitive that it might cause a life-long scar on their personality. Some of them might show social phobia. Some might get into depression. Some might even get suicidal. Thus, bullying can be highly toxic to a student’s mental health. Parents and teachers should be vigilant and notice bullying acts, without overlooking them.

Traditional school classes are highly rigid. The schedule is rigid. The learning pace is rigid as well. Thus, it allows little space for the students to grow personally as well as academically. The worst part is that students are not encouraged to explore further and research deeper. Thus, in most cases, traditional school students are not able to reach their full potential.


Online schools provide you with ample ways to socialize effectively. Here, you literally get to choose your friends. You are likely to choose your friends on the basis of similarity in mindsets and life goals.

Another big advantage is the ability to learn at your very own pace. You need not follow any rigid pace here. You can create your own and stick to it or regulate it as per your needs and capacity. Also, you are given the liberty to create and follow your own personalized learning schedule.

You are saved from bullying acts as well since you are allowed to learn from the safety and comfort of your home. Experiencing a nurturing learning environment, you are likely to focus well and perform well on your online school course.


In order to make your online school work for you, here are some top tips:

Be consistent
You ought to be consistent when you are an online school student. You need to log into your course regularly. You ought to be self-motivated as well as punctual. You need to be quite an initiator as well. Do not keep things pending till the last minute.

Prepare a schedule
Do make a proper learning schedule that works well for you. Keep your priorities and goals in mind at the time of preparing the online school schedule. You can take tips from your online teachers and parents while devising the schedule. Once you prepare the schedule, stick to it. Make sure to stay ahead of it.

Show self-discipline
You ought to be disciplined when you wish to succeed in an online school. This is more important when you are an online student. You need to take ownership of your day-to-day learning. Since there would be no live interactions in the online learning environment, you need to communicate via mail or phone. You need to indulge in effective communication with your teachers.

Cut down distractions
Make sure to cut down on your digital distractions. Try not to spend too much time on the common socializing sites. During your study time, visit only relevant websites that would help you expand your knowledge.

Fix a study space
Make sure to create a proper study space. Keep it organized. Make sure it is quiet and far away from distractions. Most importantly, the place should be clean. Arrange all the important notes in files and folders.

There might be several reasons your school does not work. Identify the reason and work on it. Decide your schooling options accordingly!

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