Online School Mississippi

Forest Trail Academy offers online k-12 school in Mississippi that provides students with a variety of exciting options for obtaining...

Forest Trail Academy offers online k-12 school in Mississippi that provides students with a variety of exciting options for obtaining an education without physically attending regular class

Online School Mississippi

Forest Trail Academy is a leading online school in the state of Mississippi, nationwide and worldwide. We offer rigorous K-12 courses that meet state and national standards. Our school serves as a great alternative to traditional classroom-based education that empowers academic achievement. If you are looking for a flexible schedule to pursue your education, Forest Trail Academy is a great fit for you. Students who are enrolled with us are able to earn an education at home, on travel, or wherever with a laptop/desktop with an internet connection.

Being accredited with NCPSA, MSA-CESS, Cognia (formerly AdvancED), and Accreditation International (AI) affords us the opportunity to fully endorse the vision, principles, and maintain a high level of education. Our K-12 courses are taught by certified and licensed teachers which include Online Elementary School (K to Grade 5), Online Middle School (Grade 6 to Grade 8), and Online High School (Grade 9 to Grade 12). Apart from these full-time courses, we do offer Individual / Credit Recovery courses, Summer School courses, Advance Placement Courses and Dual Enrollment program.

What We Offer to Our Students:

  • An interactive curriculum designed by experienced and certified education experts.
  • Courses taught by well experienced, qualified, and licensed teachers.
  • A robust list of courses that lay path to diverse career options.
  • We strive to meet all academic needs.
  • Active support from teachers, academic advisor, administrative staff.
  • Offer credit recovery courses for students to regain missing or lost credits.
  • Advance Placement (AP) courses for college preparatory students.
  • U.S diploma for international students to earn American degree eliminating tedious efforts to travel USA.
  • Our Dual Enrollment Program provides opportunity to earn college credits whilst in high school.
  • Offer customized learning curriculum with self-paced schedule.
  • We encourage working students to pursue their careers and simultaneously earn an education.
  • We ensure academic success with collaborative efforts of students and parents.
  • Credits are transferable and degree earned from Forest Trail Academy, accepted by top colleges and universities nationwide.

Synopsis Of Online Courses We Offer:

Forest Trail Academy offers students with increased set of opportunities to ensure their success by educating, encouraging, challenging, and preparing students for their future in college and career.

Online Elementary School Program

In Elementary school courses, students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 focus on learning the fundamentals of education. Our engaging lessons are designed by experienced curriculum experts to stimulate interests in students and develop life-long learning.

Students in elementary school will develop reading and writing skills along with learned basics of core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and simultaneously earn fundamental values of education

Online Middle School Program

Middle school functions as a bridge between elementary and high school. This phase of education serves as a recap for elementary grades and prerequisite for high school courses. Students learn advance subjects that lay a strong foundation for high school education.

Our middle school program strives to provide students with academic, social, and personal support. The curriculum affords students the ability to learn advance subjects and to pursue specialized interests focusing their studies on core disciplines of Language arts, Math, Science and Social studies.

Online High School Program

High school courses are taught to Grade 9 to Grade 12 students by utilizing innovative learning methodologies. Students may pursue courses in all major curriculum areas. The online high school program offers to enrich course offerings that satisfy and meet the educational needs of students.

Students in high school courses have an opportunity to earn college credits via the Dual enrollment program whilst attaining and earning college credits while in high school. Students are offered elective courses to meet a wide range of interests via our high school curriculum.

Our mission is to provide students a plethora of opportunities and quality education in a flexible and comfortable online environment. Our dedicated faculty and innovative curriculum supports students to accommodate them of all backgrounds.

For any other information or queries, you may contact the school’s Admissions Advisors, who will help you in selecting courses for future admission and acceptance in colleges and universities. You may also apply online. You may contact us at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501.

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