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Boost your academic experience by enrolling into Forest Trail Academy’s k-12 online school in California. Start exploring the benefits of...

Boost your academic experience by enrolling into Forest Trail Academy’s k-12 online school in California. Start exploring the benefits of world-class online curriculum today!

California ​K-12 Online School

Forest Trail Academy is a regionally and nationally accredited K-12 private school offering an exceptional online education for the students in California. At Forest Trail Academy, students are expected to meet high academic standards with the support from licensed teachers ensuring every child gets a great education. We value talents, interests and learning styles of each and every child.

We are fully accredited with NCPSA, MSA CESS, Cognia (formerly AdvancED), and Accreditation International (AI). Our curriculum is aligned to the state standards.

Forest Trail Academy’s online courses include Online Elementary School (Kindergarten – Grade 5), Online Middle School (Grade 6 – Grade8) and Online High School (Grade 9 – Grade 12). Apart from these courses, we provide Credit recovery courses, Individual courses, Summer school, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. We recognize every student’s needs and their individual potential.

What We Offer to Our Students:

  • Our interactive curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Curriculum is designed by highly qualified and certified education experts.
  • We offer robust catalog of courses taught by well qualified instructors who are certified in online instruction.
  • Our K-12 online courses meet state requirements.
  • Support from admissions advisor, principal and the administrative staff.
  • An involved online community for students and their families.
  • Our Credit recovery courses help students to earn lost or missing credits.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes to college-bound students to accelerate potentially earning college credits whilst in high school.
  • Offer opportunity for international students to earn American diploma.
  • Our summer school and individual courses help students to earn extra credits.
  • We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • We nurture students to become successful athletically and academically by offering education and sports training to high school and post graduate student athletes.
  • We use innovative methodologies, tools and technology to teach students.
  • Credits and degree earned from Forest Trail Academy is accepted by the best colleges and universities nationwide.

Synopsis Of Courses:

Students from California and around the world are provided with an opportunity to thrive at Forest Trail Academy. Our school provides flexibility to learn from home.

Online Elementary School Program

In elementary school, students are from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Early learning years are time for exploration that leads to academic and intellectual growth. We nurture students with caring teachers and a stimulating curriculum.

Students in elementary courses learn fundamental values of education. They develop reading and writing skills via the core subjects of Language arts, Mathematics, Science and Social studies.

Online Middle School Program

Middle school bridges the gap between elementary and high school. In middle school, students from Grade 6 to Grade 8 students build self-esteem and lay the groundwork for high school. Our middle school curriculum creates the optimal learning experience.

Students in middle school have an option to accelerate and prepare for high school. The middle school program strives to provide academic, social, and personal support. Its curriculum affords students the ability to learn advance topics from core subjects such as language art, math, science and social studies. Students also have an option to attain election courses.

Online High School Program

High school courses allow students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 to be prepared for the rigor of college-level academics. We offer complete courses of core academic and electives that are required for earning graduation and college admission. Our high school academic curriculum prepares students for successful experiences in college, career, and beyond.

The courses serve as a recap for learned topics in previous grades and as a perquisite preparatory courses for future education.

Our mission is to develop young minds with creative, analytic skills, and a general understanding from a variety of subjects. Therefore we attempt to meet every individual need of our students and promote physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

For any other information or queries, you may contact the school’s Admissions Advisors, who will help you in selecting courses for future admission and acceptance in colleges and universities. You may also apply online. You may contact us at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501.

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