How Online Home Schooling Benefits Parents

It’s no secret how beneficial online home schooling can prove to be for students. There is way too much information...

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How Online Home Schooling Benefits Parents 1

How Online Home Schooling Benefits Parents

It’s no secret how beneficial online home schooling can prove to be for students. There is way too much information being written on how important and advantageous online learning environments are for the purpose of imparting education. But how many have stopped to consider the potential benefits for parents? In the bigger scheme of things, parents are just as important and integral a part as students or teachers in an online setting. They are the ones responsible for watching over their children and regardless of the age of their child, are also responsible for monitoring regular progress. Teachers with online schools across the United States form a strong support system for parents in helping their children get the right education that will help open up new opportunities for them in the future. Online K-12 courses are of course, proving to be the future of education in our country and around the world.

Enrolling a child with an online school can certainly be a hard and trying decision for a parent. It’s a fairly new concept when compared with traditional methods we’re so used to employing and the potential for adverse effects weighs heavily on a parent’s mind. Time is of the essence and if one gets it wrong, going back and starting over isn’t really much of an option. There are several concerns that cross a parent’s mind when considering online home schooling as an alternative option for education. While there have been research studies conducted over the recent past that advocate and strongly vouch for online learning environments, there have been isolated cases where studying online hasn’t really proved to be very beneficial for the student involved. This however, can be narrowed down to the fact that not all students possess the aptitude or the potential for studying independently.

Most require supervision, at least during the initial stage. Once they find their legs they can carry on without the direct supervision of a teacher or parent. Where parents seem to be mistaken is in harboring the notion that online homeschooling can help solve behavioral issues at school or that children unable to cope with their peers at school will somehow automatically start performing well when enrolled with an online school. What they really need to understand is that online education and distance learning aren’t a set of magic beans that automatically make a child’s learning problems disappear. These issues need dedicated attention on the part of both, parents as well as the child’s teachers. This is one sensitive area where teachers at online schools are able to contribute in a significant way and have helped solve a wide range of learning issues in children.

Given the teacher-student ratio in traditional classrooms, it can sometimes be unreasonable on the part of parents to expect dedicated attention for every single child in the classroom. This in turn makes it much harder to focus on every child’s learning needs. What online education and distance learning options provide parents with is an environment where their children can receive focused and individual attention. Being able to study in an online environment with a certain degree of flexibility makes that possible. Not only can parents discuss the issues with their child’s learning progress on a one-to-one basis with their child’s teachers but they can also chalk out learning development plans based on the individual needs of their child. The exclusive environment online schools provide them with makes it a worry-free environment where they need not have to worry about their child coping with his or her peers.

In terms of flexibility too, online K-12 courses make it a lot more convenient for parents to schedule their child’s classes. They can work around their own work schedules or schedule classes around their child’s extracurricular activities. Students involved in special activities like music or sports find online education a much more convenient option to work with since it allows them to focus on their careers while making sure they attain the necessary education. Having multiple options to work with certainly makes things a lot easier for both, parents and their children. Even parents whose jobs require them to be constantly on the move have found distance learning to be a very viable option in terms of flexibility and costs too. Adopting an online learning environment certainly doesn’t compromise on the quality of education that is imparted to the students and economic solutions make it all the more lucrative.

Another concern most parents have shared is the presence of online diploma mills. This has been a growing issue but isn’t a very difficult one to solve. Parents and students have always been advised to ensure that the online school with which they wish to enroll for online K-12 courses has all the required accreditation as required by federal and state laws. The online diploma mills, as they are often referred to, usually lack the necessary credentials and this is what causes a major hindrance during college and university applications. Making sure the school you plan to enroll with has the necessary accreditation can go a long way in opening up future prospects. Employers and universities have been gradually opening up to the acceptance of online diplomas and online degrees when considering college and university applications, and employment opportunities as well. As long as you possess the necessary credentials, you’re good to go.

One of the most important benefits of studying online that people overlook is the availability of time. Being able to schedule classes according to your own individual needs helps free up so much time that families can then have a lot of it to spend with each other. How often have you, as a parent, been caught up in traffic and missed out on an important event? Or how tired do you show up home every day after having to travel to school and then to work, and then back again? Online environments eliminate all those unwanted time-consuming activities. No more snow-days, no more worrying about children missing the school bus. With the help of modern-day technology, parents can now supervise their children at their own convenience, an option most stay-at-home parents and work-from-home professionals are readily warming up to.

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