How Much Does Online Homeschooling Cost?

Though it would surprise you, or in fact shock you. It`s true that online schooling is immensely cheaper and cost-effective...
Should I Let My Child Go to an Online School? A Parent's Guide to Making the Decision

Though it would surprise you, or in fact shock you. It`s true that online schooling is immensely cheaper and cost-effective than the traditional schooling system. Online high schooling has emerged to be a phenomenal trend and students from all over the world are realizing the importance of such an education. Education isn’t an overly expensive or rich man`s cup of tea but it isn’t also that cheap to be tasted by everyone. But yes, there`s a lot of truth in this fact that the traditional schooling or the real-time schooling is much expensive than the online education.

According to a report published in the year 2015, it was found that cost is the most important consideration and is also a crucial decision-making factor being observed by the students as well as the parents before enrolling in any school. Online education gives them the privilege of studying from homes, saves their tuition fees, and also eradicates living and traveling expense. It`s also very important on the part of students to do a budget analysis of their education before taking the final step. Once the students get aware of the cost, fees and other aspects they can easily take admission.
For the financially weaker section zone students, online homeschooling is the best option. Not only do they succeed in saving up their parent`s money in their education but they also succeed in getting their diplomas and education from dignified institutions at reasonable rates. They can use the saved money for their higher education or for any other purpose which pleases them.
But the question that baffles many is how`s the cost of homeschooling so low. What are the factors which distinguish it from the traditional schools? Do the schools compromise on the quality of education they impart? Well, as far as the quality and level of education being provided by these online institutions is concerned, undoubtedly there is no question to it that the good schools have standards as far as quality of education is concerned. The accredited schools especially the ones like Forest Trail Academy have a fully customized program structure which ensures that the education they are rendering is of top quality. The faculty is trained and experienced one which uses the modern sophisticated methods of teaching to students.

Why Is Online Schooling Cost Efficient?

  • Transport- commuting charges are one of the biggest reasons why online education costs less. At times, the school is very far located and thus the commuting charges arise high. So when a student studies from home, these charges are totally reduced and cut down.
  • Books- almost all the coursework and study material is given in the form of PDF files and in the form of slideshows. The students can download these files on their laptops, tablets and read them anytime. And all this is provided by the school free of cost. The charges of these reading materials and PDF files very much come under the registration charges of the school. There are certain courses wherein the students have to purchase some physical books and DVDs but that too in rare cases only. Mostly in the higher secondary classes like ninth of the tenth standard only do these physical reading materials come into use.
  • No extra charges- you can`t deny the fact that the traditional schools apart from taking other admission and tuition fees also charge excessive additional amount under some pretext or the other. Sometimes, these charges might fall under the school`s development fee or at times they can also be charged with some unnecessary school fee. Willingly or not, the students have to pay for these expenses. However, in a good online high school, these charges are absolutely absent. The most a student pays is for his tuition and the registration amount. There are no unnecessary charges whatsoever.
  • Students in abundance-as this online education is getting momentum with the passage of time, over the years the number of students enrolling in the schools has also risen. Indirectly this has also allowed the schools to charge a lesser fee per student since they have students getting admission in abundance. Schools like Forest Trail Academy which are immensely famous have thousands of students enrolled in their schools. This gives these schools the leniency of charging less per student.

So, we come across these genuine reasons which make the fees charged by the online schools so less. There can be other reasons also like government policies, special schemes launched by the schools to get students, new schools charging lesser fee etc. Reasons can be many which keep the cost factor always in the favor of a student.

Get Admission In Forest Trail Academy With Minimum Cost

Forest Trail Academy is one of the premium online schools we have today. It holds accreditation from a number of educational agencies like Accreditation International, NCPSA, Advanced Sacs and MSA CESS.
For homes schooled children, career-oriented mindsets, Forest Trail Academy is a great option to invest. The fees charged depend on the course or the grade the student wishes to enroll in. Since the school is a full-fledged K-12 online homeschool, the fee charged annually varies.
But if we look at the services provided by the school keeping in mind the amount they charge, the services are remarkable. For instance, there is a separate parent and student login page where the students, as well as their guardians, can log in and avail any information they want. If you go to the official webpage of the school, you can preview the demo version of this. Once the student pays his registration fees, he can use the application fully.
The same application is being used by the school to allocate assignment, lectures, tutorials, videos, and other important information. The application is fully customized so that it caters to every need of the student. On the app itself, the student can engage in a verbal communication with the teachers and the instructors. Group chats option is also available where the students get to communicate with each other.

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