Free Online Resources for Middle and High School Math Success

Here is a list of free online resources for middle and high school math success: Desmos Desmos offers free virtual...

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Free Online Resources for Middle and High School Math Success

Here is a list of free online resources for middle and high school math success:

  • Desmos
    Desmos offers free virtual 4-function, graphing and scientific calculators for student use. On top of that, it carries a vast variety of interactive lessons. These lessons are nearly game-like. Desmos just provides your email and enables teachers to generate an online class with student log-ons to access a vast array of activities. These activities carry a lot of things ranging from linear systems to exponents to functions. It is then that teachers can monitor student progress through every single lesson.

    These lessons feel highly organic. These are well-structured as well. Thanks to its Function Carnival, students can go ahead and watch a small video, try to graph what they see, and then replay the video to recapitulate. The virtual system enables students to get feedback within a short amount of time to adjust their answers. They can do so until they find success. Thanks to Polygraph, students get to solve problems with the tools they have. They can work on solving their problems before they are being presented with the requirement for a new tool. This new skill is taught. The student is able to solve the problems. Water Line enables students to create water glasses which can be kept in a virtual classroom cupboard. Every student can experiment with it in a collaborative manner. This set of modules are more than just fun! After all, these modules embrace the most effective teaching practices which are likely to spark a genuine curiosity in students. Above all, these modules are student-friendly and create a highly interactive environment.

    In addition, Desmos provides a good deal of teacher professional development, user support videos, webinars etc. The videos are inclusive of how to create and share your own set of modules. It is a valuable math resource and is provided online. The best part is that it is free of charge.

  • Cymath
    Cymath is not really unique in terms of what it does. However, it is often regarded as the best free user-friendly problem-solver on the internet. Thanks to Cymath, you can type in a math problem, and it is likely to show you the entire process of how to solve it in a stepwise manner. Cymath’s system tends to cover basic math, algebra, trigonometry, pre-algebra, calculus, graphing etc. It is likely to give students the detailed process on how to solve a problem in this set of fields. It provides a vast variety on how to present the answer. This resource requires students to show their work.
    The exclusive ‘search bar’ interface is friendly to students. It offers a calculator keyboard for equation-building and identifying various basic direct commands as well. The practice section and the reference for mathematical rules is a good addition to the tool. It enables students to access and rehearse certain foundational principals for the math they are dealing with.
  • Yummy Math
    Yummy Math has a simple resource. It is like a blog! However, this resource is highly useful in the real world. It provides various activities and lessons that are organized by grade level as well as subject matter. It covers numbers and quantity, algebra, geometry, functions, statistics and probability for various high school users. Every single module has its roots in various present-day events, challenges of daily life, and hints of career investigations as well. Thus, it can be said that Yummy Math is a top Math resource that can be used in the present-day scenario.Students can use geometry to analyze the space. Content can be added to it all the time. The content can be related to media, real-world data, worksheets and current topics. Yummy Math has added content for various subscription accounts. The lessons are absolutely free to access and use online.
  • Math Blaster
    This is a free website to help students while learning Math. It says that the success of students is dependent on his/her ability to use his/her brain and logic skills.  This website has an interesting space/alien theme. It allows students to become intergalactic heros on the basis of their math operation plus critical thinking skills.  Registration is highly required. However, the game itself is free.  Students must check out the Teacher Section to come across Math Blaster for the Classroom.
    With features like Multiplication Grand Prix, the Knight and the Princess etc. students can practice their basic math skills in a fun manner. It keeps students engaged. It comes with various additional resources to enable parents and teachers to assist their students in learning Math. It also helps in enhancing teaching skills. Students must check out the Classroom Games section for some off-line fun.
  • Learn Zillion
    With the help of this free website, you can find lessons which complement what you are studying in the classroom on the basis of the Common Core Standards for grades 3 to 9.  Now, this website is considered to be less of a math game site than some of other websites that are on the list. However, it provides a strong and comprehensive approach to virtual math education. Make sure to take time to explore various free resources that are available to teachers as well as parents.
  • Hooda Math
    Math fact practice, Logic and reasoning etc. make up the free educational games at Hooda Math.  There are various games that require higher order thinking. Often, these games ask students to solve various problems and to complete various tasks and activities.
  • Manga High
    Mange High provides free and subscription packages to classroom as well as homeschool teachers.  This free site enables students to play basic games to strengthen math skills and compete against the computer.  The subscription version provides teachers the opportunity to track the overall progress of students.
  • Math Game Time
    This free website is crafted for students from Pre-K through 7th Grade. It certainly offers fun, educational games. Some of the common games are Integer War, Jet Ski Addition, Ratio Martian etc.
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