Four Ways High School Students Can Make This Summer Count

Summers are to be enjoyed. However, students can make the most of it by taking online summer courses that are...

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Four Ways High School Students Can Make This Summer Count 1

Four Ways High School Students Can Make This Summer Count

Summers are to be enjoyed. However, students can make the most of it by taking online summer courses that are fun as well as academic.

Here are the top four ways high school students can make their summers count:

Creating a top list of colleges and universities
Students need to have a list of universities they seriously want to apply to and attend. Students can consult with their seniors, parents, and teachers to complete this task. After all, they need to form a list of priorities. They often have different preferences. Some might prefer to be close to home while some might wish to study in a college that is miles away! They might go for a diverse experience with more independence or might just cling on to a more structured environment. It is always a matter of preference. Parents and teachers need to be clear of these individual preferences. They should ask the students questions that will help him to compile his college application list. After all, the high-school student needs to prepare for his college beforehand.

Zeroing in on a major
There are many students who change their majors several times throughout their college career. Some do not declare a major at all until junior year. It should be made sure that the student does not fall behind on their graduation timeline due to last moment decisions. They should make sure to select a major beforehand, as early as possible. However, a good deal of thought needs to be given at the time of making the decision. So what better time to make such a crucial decision than summer! During this holiday period, students can look through program offerings and ensure that their favorite schools have their program of interest.

Taking a trip to the campus town
Summer is the just the ideal time for a trip to the campus town. Though summer campus visits are not that ideal for seeing what campus life is like, it is surely a pleasant time to view the facilities and other options available to your student. You might even consider what the town has to offer to you as well. You can think of visiting local restaurants and stores and explore the nearby recreation areas. Being a student, you can check out all the town has to offer. This way you can actually make the most of your summer trip.

It is a fact that community service is a smart way to boost a student’s college as well as scholarship applications. Most of the admissions teams and scholarship committees want to see that the student is well-rounded and versatile, having participated in a good deal of extra-curricular activities. Participating in community service organizations or events is bound to allow your student to stand out on applications. There are many schools that have community service organizations on campus. Thus, if you are excited about giving back while you are in college, this is certainly a great option for you to explore.

Enrolling in an online summer course
Here are a few reasons why you should go for an online summer course:

  • Enjoying the flexibility

Most of the online summer school instructors structure their online classrooms more loosely. Thus, in case there is a discussion board post due, you might a day or two to respond. You do not have to be present “in class” at a certain time every week.

    • Staying on track for graduation

Students often tend to stray from their four-year plans for several reasons. However, online summer school can prevent this to happen by keeping the student in touch with his academics.

    • Freeing up the winter semesters

In case you know you’re in for a busy semester with comprehensive courses and heavy workloads, you might think of shaking off some of your load and fulfilling your degree requirements during the summer by taking online summer courses.

    • Getting to learn something new or exclusive

Summer online classes actually provide you the unique chance to discover different subjects.

    • Less academic distractions

There are many part-time classes during the summer months. These make it possible for you to have more time to focus on the notoriously demanding classes. You can have time to watch all of the lectures and do all of the readings.

    • Completing an entire course at a faster pace in a short time

Summer courses are accelerated. This clearly implies that you can gain the same credits in less time. Some of the summer sessions extend from May to August while some sessions start from May to June. There are some late summer sessions as well that extends from July and carry on till August.

    • More individualized attention

Online courses over the summer are usually smaller. This means more student-professor interaction and availability. This is advantageous if you need more guidance navigating online classes.

    • Getting to enjoy work

When you are considering online summer courses to make up for a failed course or to get ahead, you can just have the right kind of opportunity to achieve your goals. This way you can try out new things with more comprehensive opportunities.

Keep in mind that college can be really expensive. The college costs can rise continuously for you. This rising cost is attributed to the books, parking fees, entertainment costs etc. You might feel the need for financial assistance. Thus, during the summers you might look for scholarships at your institutions of interest.

Usually, counselors of an online high school keep a full list of local scholarships in their office. In general, students get the most scholarship assistance from the institution rather than private sources. So, make use of net price calculators and scholarship calculators to get a right estimate of your financial need.

You might check out summer camps during this time. There are many universities that offer camps for high school students during the summer months. It is a great way for you to make yourself familiar with a campus to see if it could be a good fit for you.

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