Blended Online Learning – Something You Must Consider Seriously

While blended online learning may be a new concept to some, it isn’t all that different from distance learning. For...

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Blended Online Learning – Something You Must Consider Seriously 1

While blended online learning may be a new concept to some, it isn’t all that different from distance learning. For years, our children have attended summer school to make up for time lost during regular school or low grades. This was done by attending summer school at their local school or by taking on additional coursework at home. Either way, the concept of learning at one’s own pace has been around for years. But the real question is – Why is it making headlines more often today?


With the help of cutting-edge technology, we can now deliver education via an online schooling system that is far more efficient than our traditional brick-and-mortar classroom system. The conventional manner of teaching has been plagued by a multitude of issues for a long time. However, overcoming these obstacles in the past has never been possible. But it is today.

The internet coupled with affordable computer hardware and software has now made it possible to bring the school right at home to you. All students need today is a computer and an internet connection to log in and complete their coursework online. It is a virtual school available right at your fingertips.

Online homeschooling builds up on the numerous benefits of distance learning. An online platform that allows students to study in an environment that is completely tailored to each individual student’s abilities is efficient in more ways than one. For starters, the costs associated with setting up an online school are far lower than those incurred in setting up a brick-and-mortar school with classrooms. Second, the pace of learning in an online classroom can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual student.

In a physical classroom, there is one set pace of learning that is defined for the entire classroom. That is why brighter students tend to get bored while waiting for the others to catch up or weaker students tend to give up since they aren’t able to keep pace with the rest of the class. This often gives rise to problem cases, which can disrupt the learning process for the entire class.


There are several reasons why blended learning is a better option than standalone solutions involving only classroom teaching or distance learning. Those who have grown up in the conventional system are more confident and comfortable with that style of teaching while others who may have been homeschooled find those methods to be much more beneficial. Both ways of teaching have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. So why not combine the two?

Online homeschooling is an endeavor that aims to combine the best of both worlds. In fact, it goes much beyond in terms of reducing the costs associated with imparting quality education and customizing learning material according to each student’s needs. Furthermore, the manner in which the course material and the learning process are structured makes it feasible to imbibe in students a sense of independent learning. This can prove to be priceless in the long run considering the fast-changing world we live in.

With the help of technology we have been rapidly altering the way we do things. In fact, the way we carry out different types of tasks may be drastically different five years from today. The real question is – If everything else can change then why not our education system too? Online learning platforms are the solution to the problems plaguing our education system today. Federal and state governments are struggling to manage costs, our students are falling behind on account of obsolete curriculum and methodologies, and we as a nation are falling behind.

Our students are well aware of the changes taking place around them. Maybe it is time we did too. The way we think needs to change and so does the manner in which we do things. Blended learning systems offer us the opportunity to accomplish just that. Today, almost all American students take at least one course online as part of their regular curriculum. This is evidence of the increasing change in the attitude toward learning across the country.

This also offers a viable solution for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of e-learning without giving up traditional learning. For those who carry out their entire learning process online but wish to engage in interactive programs, blended learning offers them the option to enroll for such programs at their local school. Either way, students stand to benefit since learning in an online environment helps them study better.


E-learning platforms allow students to vary the pace of learning according to their own individual needs. This allows students to focus more on concepts they find hard to grasp and spend less time on material they can understand easily. Moreover, by not being pressured by the need to keep pace with their peers, they can explore their course material in a more holistic manner. This increases their interest in the process of learning as opposed to getting them to study for the sake of just getting good grades.


Online schools are safer for both students as well as teachers. After all, few places are safer than your own home. With incidents involving gun shootings on the rise, parents are now actively seeking safer environments in which their children can study without having to worry about drastic consequences. With the University of Texas recently allowing guns on campus, parents and teachers can both benefit by employing new-age technologies such as online homeschooling.

When you look at all the pros and cons you will definitely be able to understand how learning online can benefit your child. The advantages offered by an online environment are unparalleled by any other platform that can be currently used to impart education. Moreover, with safety becoming an important concern for everyone involved, such technologies should definitely be considered as viable alternatives to our traditional classroom system.

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