Are You Ready For An Online High School? Take This Quiz To Find Out?

Has a thought of changing your school just darted across your mind? Are you curious to know about and get...

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Are You Ready For An Online High School? Take This Quiz To Find Out? 1

Has a thought of changing your school just darted across your mind? Are you curious to know about and get an insight of an online high school? Are you amidst the one who has been hearing fascinating accounts of online school? Do you really want to go for the online education? Then you got to ask yourself a question. Are you willing to put your self- discipline and self-motivation to a real test?

According to reports, today there are almost 3 billion students enrolled in online high school education and nearly 6 million of them are enrolled in some of the other online courses. These figures in themselves speak volumes about the impact of online education on the students. Unlike the traditional schools, where the students have to commute daily, spend nearly 7-8 hours in a classroom and then come home exhausted. There`s no space for creativity of students to flourish. Children are entangled in the school assignments and lessons that they hardly get any time to work on their own desires. Whereas the online education gives them the much needed flexibility in the schedule where they can duly manage their time and work on multiple targets.

But when we talk of online education, online schooling, we mean here advanced high quality education from best institutions. Online education doesn’t talk mean less significant or just a mere name in the field of education without any purpose. It doesn’t mean that you will be bestowed and handed over a high school diploma by just appearing in the yearly exams without having considerable knowledge. In fact, the best of the online schools have a rigorous course curriculum and a widespread course in which the students will have to burn the midnight oil if they don’t take their studies seriously. So are you really ready for an online school. Take this quiz.


Education is all about learning and so does online education too command learning. As previously mentioned, only if you have a control over your activities i.e. you have a disciplinary approach to life with self-motivation being the pillar support of your strengths, online education will definitely prove to be wise choice for you. Some of the academic work and assignments might require you to work in collusion with your mates but there will be some projects too where you will be responsible for yourself and will have to work independently alone only. Here will be the real test of your skills. Though your teachers would instruct and guide you but the responsibility of successful conclusion is falls on you only.

Learning only comes from reading and you have to have that reading passion because in the online schooling, you will be fetched with considerable reading material which would be sent over by your teachers. In a nutshell online school education would suitable to only those learners who are:

  • Self- directed
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to easily use a computer and internet
  • Competent in working with various computer applications
  • Capable of solving the problems independently



Written– you will have to possess a fluent style of writing wherein you can express your thoughts clearly and conveniently on a paper, word document or any forum like an email to the instructor. There will be occasions when you will have to present your content in written form.

Reading majority of the content of an online school would require you to learn from reading since there aren’t any physical textbooks and notebooks and you will have to read a lot of content on your laptop or computer. You will have to develop and enhance your reading skills.

Speaking are you fluent when conversing in English. In online school format, since all of your content would be in the form of writing, you should be confident enough in speaking up flawlessly so that you are able to discuss your issues with your teachers. Good verbal skills are in fact important requisite at every place in today`s world.

Listening many lectures on different formats would be delivered to you in the video file formats. Your apt listening skills and grasping power should be high since you are going to write what you apprehend and your grades directly depend on what you pen.


Efficient time management plays a vital role in all aspects of life. If you manage your time well and utilize every minute of your day in some useful purpose, no doubt you will be successful in the long run. Online high school education too requires sharp time management skills. Here you wouldn’t be reminded of your assignments and tasks.

The online course ultimately requires the learners to structure up their own schedule. The students will have to balance the time between their classes, pending assignments and other work. Without the need for a proper time schedule, they will eventually face difficulty in managing their online school education.


As we go along fulfilling our commitments and other responsibilities we must also polish our skills which would help in managing loads of work and hectic schedules because with a tight schedule and large amount of work &responsibilities comes to stress. One should be duly capable of dealing with all the stress that comes with the studies too.

Stress which arises from work and frustrations at times can get on the nerves that even the sharpest of the intellectual minds can succumb to it if not deal with perseverance and patience. You must have effluent problem-solving skills. You should be confident of dealing with any situation with ease. For instance, what would you do if your computer or laptop suddenly goes dead and you are pending with a number of assignments of which the delivery is near? Do you have any backup system? Or what would you do if your internet connection just goes off all of sudden and you are in the middle of your classroom session? Do you have any alternate connection? Or simply, how would you deal with the stress of exams when you have to prepare for your semesters as well as fulfill other commitments too.

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