Are We Asking The Right Questions About Online Homeschooling?

There is absolutely no doubt that technological innovation is causing our world to change more rapidly than ever before. With...

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Are We Asking The Right Questions About Online Homeschooling? 1

There is absolutely no doubt that technological innovation is causing our world to change more rapidly than ever before. With so much evidence in sight, it isn’t hard to understand why parents now prefer online learning programs to traditional classroom teaching. But the real question we need to ponder is this – “Are we really asking the right questions about Online Homeschooling?”


There has been an unprecedented increase in the use of online learning programs over the last decade. Both parents and students now prefer adapting to the online version of learning as opposed to continuing with the conventional way of learning, which involves attending a physical brick-and-mortar school. The key to understanding this change in approach lies in our mindsets. If we can only take the time to evaluate online platforms with an open mind, we would be able to see all its potential benefits more clearly.

Another important reason why online schools now score over traditional ones is that traditional schools seem to be falling behind in terms of preparing our children for the future. There are so many technological changes facing us today that our academic system seems unprepared to handle. Our old-school teaching methodologies are just not going to get the job done anymore. We need to wake up and pursue more holistic approaches to ensure that our children get the education they need and develop the skill sets the corporate world will demand in a few years.

Enrolling their children in online schools offers parents other benefits as well. With the volume of homework, students are assigned increasing every year, there is very little time left for children to actually enjoy other extracurricular activities or spend time with their families. This, in turn, seems to have a detrimental effect on their academic progress as well as social life.


A fast-paced lifestyle today is no longer an exception; it has become the norm. We come across parents every single day who are rushed all the time. This can also be observed with school children these days. They seem to be rushing from class to class trying to cram in as much as they can in a single day of study. It’s no wonder they are extremely exhausted at the end of the day and have little energy for anything else. During such difficult times, online schools offer us a viable alternative to help our children cope with rapidly changing times while allowing them to devote time and energy to what’s important in their lives.

Online learning platforms provide them with the flexibility they need to schedule study time according to their own convenience. This allows them to vary the pace of the course according to their own individual abilities and helps them explore their course content in a more comprehensive manner. What’s more important is that they can do so in an environment that is completely stress-free and free from ridicule in case they make mistakes.

It is important that our children learn how to make mistakes and learn from them. That is how we are designed to learn after all. The issue with studying in a classroom full of students is that children are more likely to keep quiet than ask questions for fear of being ridiculed in front of their peers. This is a big obstacle in conventional learning environments, which online schools have managed to overcome.

For parents seeking to play an active role in the education of their child, online homeschooling offers them the perfect solution. They can always schedule study time around their work schedules so as to not disrupt their professional commitments. Furthermore, they save up on travel time, which allows them to have more family time, not to mention the added savings in terms of fuel, money, time and energy.


Finally, here’s a small piece of advice. Online homeschooling is a great alternative if you’re looking for more flexibility and versatility in terms of learning options. However, if you’re seeking to resolve behavioral issues or other social issues (such as incidents related to bullying), this may not be the ideal way to go.

While online learning platforms do offer you a host of options to help your children with their education, they also come with a lot of riders. The course curriculum may be flexible and allow for the varying of the pace of learning but it is no way easier than the curriculum offered by traditional schools. Students are still required to go through a rigorous education process to earn their high school diplomas.

The advantage they have is that they have a number of different alternatives to choose from in terms of courses and electives. Options that were once considered out of their reach are now easier to access and affordable as well. This allows students to take on options of their choice when pursuing their high school diploma but in no way makes it any easier for them in terms of the amount of effort they have to put in or the credit scores they need to achieve.

While it can be easy to get lost amidst the numerous benefits online learning platforms have to offer, it is important to remember that they come with a strict set of guidelines and prerequisites such as learning discipline for them to be effective in a student’s life. If you (as a parent) or your child lacks this discipline, you may not derive the full benefits expected from an online homeschooling environment.

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